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As a mathematician (Ph.D.) I use 7 quantitative strategies with statistically extremely high returns such as net-nets. I select these cheap companies with software comparing thousands of global stocks on value metrics, liquidity, quality metrics, and momentum. Get the more

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E Lack Of Success At "Gigafactories" Does Not Predict Anything Good For Tesla
In this article I will explain the problems with the existing three Tesla "Gigafactories", with the new factory in Shanghai and the planned factory in Berlin.
E When Will Panasonic Give Up On Battery Manufacturing For Tesla?
If model 3 sales decrease further Panasonic might get to the point it ends its involvement with Tesla's battery factory. I think this is a big risk for Tesla longs. Below are my expectations for model 3 sales.
E Getting High Returns With Good Statistical Stock Picks
There are ways to diversify a portfolio using affordable quantitative strategies. Plus here are some examples of good stocks on a statistical basis.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts