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The Sky Is Not Falling As The Left States
We woke up this morning to see Palladium at $2600 and the realization that our customers whom bought the unloved metal in 2016 have quintupled their investment
Eclipses Historically Make The World Go Crazy And Often Crash Markets!
It appeared that an 'AWFUL LOT' went crazy last week.
Historically, Gold Is Not Cheap At Today's Prices
Isn't it quite obvious that our economic situation is as serious as a heart attack?
Which Way Will Gold Go Now?
Gold Bugs now expect prices to take off and I expect prices to rise as well ...some day.
Where Do Gold Prices Go From Here?
How do treasury yields go up when Saudi Arabia and China sold some $375B in bonds last year alone, and their level of selling treasuries has increased year after year?


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Today, Wall Street Owns The World!
4 years ago

Let me ask you something. Have you EVER taken a personal multi-million dollar risk to build a business from the ground up borrowing $3M at a rigged Libor interest rate even when your credit score is 820. You are forced to use your life savings to get that kind of money after spending 10 years buying land, rezoning it and getting all the permits to build. That isn't even half of what I had to do. There was remediation of wetlands, demolition with contaminated material to be removed and business plans and paperwork that filled a 4 cabinet file cabinet and each year another complete file of regulations to be completed. I wasted 15 years only to have my business stolen from me because the banks know how to trick you. Next they foreclose and receive insurance money on the bet that you and the other businessmen will fail. In our case it was $65 M batch of mortgage backed securities that the receiver bank got when the original bank went into receivership. My loan was Oct 31, 2007 and in Jan. 2013 the corporate banksters started their thievery of us. Conspiracy sister hah, you have no idea what you just said because I did indeed build it with all my intellectual material. Today I hear about other businessmen and women's stories weekly so you don't have to believe me but trust what the ridiculous Lady Gaga says when she sings, "You will never understand until it happens to you." But then 99.99% of women and men never have had the guts or balls to do what I have done in my life.

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Today, Wall Street Owns The World!
Today, Wall Street owns the world. But in 1890 Mary Elizabeth Lease wrote, "Wall Street Owns the Country."
Predictions For 2017
2017 and beyond should prove to all that the two party system today is but a charade.

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