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Ron DeLegge is a leading authority on portfolio construction, investment management, and risk control. His three-word investment philosophy is to help people BUILD, GROW, and PROTECT their money. Through a mix of investment research, online courses, and hands-on help, Ron shows investors like ... more

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ETF Battles: Which Bear Market ETF Is Best When Stocks Are Falling?
An audience-requested triple-header contest between short or inverse ETFs AdvisorShares, ProShares, and Tuttle Capital Management.
First Look ETF: New Funds Tackling Stagflation, Bond Sectors And High Growth Stocks
New ETFs that target the bond market, stagflation, and companies with promising long-term growth prospects.
FV ETF Battles: Which Dividend Strategy Is Better? It's SPHD Vs. SPYD Vs. DHS
An audience-requested triple-header contest between dividend funds from Invesco, State Street Global Advisors, and WisdomTree.
ETF Battles: Which Is The Top ETF For Skyrocketing Stock Market Volatility?
In this video, I referee a contest between the iPath Series B S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN (VXX) and ProShares VIX Short-Term Futures ETF (VIXY).
ETF Battles: Oil Prices Are Skyrocketing - Which Energy ETFs Are The Best Play?
In this episode of ETF Battles, I referee a contest between ETFs from State Street Global Advisors (XLE), USCF Investments (USO), and VanEck (OIH).
ETF Battles: Which ETFs Are The Better Choice? SoFi Vs. Vanguard
An audience-requested quadruple-header contest between ETFs from SoFi and Vanguard.
ETF Battles: Which Pharmaceutical ETF Should You Buy? Watch PPH Vs. PJP Vs. XPH
In this episode of ETF Battles, I referee a contest between a trio of pharmaceutical ETFs from Invesco, SPDR State Street Global Advisors, and VanEck.
ETF Battles: Which Food And Agriculture ETF Is Best? Watch DBA Vs. VEGI Vs. MOO
In this episode, I referee a triple header between food and agriculture ETFs Invesco (DBA), Blackrock's iShares ETF family (VEGI), and VanEck (MOO).
Positioning Your ETF Portfolio For Higher Volatility And Inflation With More Dividend Income
A discussion about dividend income strategies in the ETF marketplace.
FV ETF Battles: Which High Dividend ETF Is Better? It’s HDV Vs. VYM
An audience-requested bout between a pair of high dividend ETFs from Blackrock’s iShares ETF family and Vanguard.
Cardano Vs. Solana: Which Is The Better Coin?
We host a cryptocurrency contest between Cardano and Solana.
ETF Investing: Protecting Your Portfolio Against Higher Interest Rates And Inflation
A discussion about ETF strategies for combating higher inflation, rising interest rates, and tapping into industry sectors and investment factors benefiting from the changing landscape.
Bitcoin Or Ethereum? - Learn About The Better Choice
In this episode, I referee a cryptocurrency contest between the two largest coins by market cap and public interest: Bitcoin and Ethereum.
ETF Battles: Which Dividend/Value ETF Is Superior? Watch VIG Vs. NOBL Vs. VTV
In this episode of ETF Battles, I referee an audience-requested contest between three dividend/value ETFs. Who wins the battle?
ETF Battles: Which High Dividend Yield ETF Is Best? JEPI Vs QYLD Vs XYLG
Each ETF is judged against the other in key categories like cost, exposure strategy, performance, yield, and a mystery category.
Best ETF For Investing In Emerging Markets? Watch VWO Vs. IEMG Vs. FNDE Vs. XSOE!
Program judges Mike Akins with ETF Action and John Davi with Astoria Portfolio Advisors judge the ETF match-up.
1 to 16 of 238 Posts
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