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Rodney Johnson writes The Rodney Johnson Report, which is published by HS Dent Publishing.  He began his career in financial services on Wall Street in the 1980s with Thomson McKinnon and then Prudential Securities, where he was a bond trader. He started working on projects with Harry Dent ... more


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Does The Buck Stop With You?
We've got a $2 trillion relief package with checks on the way to individuals. But there will still be losses, from businesses to cities and states. If you're wondering who pays, don't bother. It's you.
Where Will The Corporate Cash Go?
Over the last two years, U.S. companies bought more than $2 trillion of their own stock through buyback programs.
Devastation In The Oil Field
If we don’t get relief, it’s going to be a long, dismal summer in Texas.
Buy… With Caution
There won’t be any such celebrations today, which will deprive many an Irish pub of its peak sales for the year. I might drink a pint in their honor as I consider the effects on the economy.
The Fed Can “Fix” This, Right?
We’re suddenly value investors, and there’s not a lot of value to be had. Interest rates are headed to zero in the U.S., following yields in Europe and Japan.
Drowning In Student Loan Debt
The federal deficit reached just over $1 trillion last year, is expected to top $1.3 trillion this year, and will likely be at least $1 trillion every year for the rest of the decade.
No Matter Who Wins, We All Lose
The 2020 presidential election cycle has been going on since November 9, 2016, the day after Trump’s upset victory, but with the Democratic primaries at hand, it’s kicking into high gear.
China’s Dilemma
It’s been almost two years in the making, but the U.S. and China finally agreed on at least part of a new trade deal, called Phase 1. But there might be less to the deal than meets the eye...
Trading War For Money, For The Moment
While the new hookup between Russia and China is much better than an armed conflict, it can still create winners and losers.
What If Venezuela And Iran Can’t Access Oil?
Supply and demand do matter. And this cold reality could put the energy market in the deep freeze over the next 12 months.
If It’s Free, It’s Going To Cost You
The presidential candidates won't use the work "cost.” They’ll use another four-letter word, “free.” When a political candidate uses the word “free,” we should reach for our collective wallets.
If You’re Not Watching Puerto Rico, You’re Missing A Glimpse Of The Future
Puerto Rico issued $3.5 billion in bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the Commonwealth. Now the island’s fiscal managers, a group known as the PROMESA board, an entity that Congress created, claims those bonds are worthless.
New Jersey: You Must Buy Electric Vehicles
The state of New Jersey is putting a stake in the ground. Or rather, a stake through the hearts of taxpayers and citizens. But that’s nothing new.
Beyond Meat: The New Tesla?
I want to short BYND or find another way to bet on its shares falling back to earth. The company is so far overvalued that it makes Tesla and Uber look like value plays. But BYND might just be a true blockbuster stock - if they can keep it up.
Is Bitcoin Back?
Before we can call bitcoin a currency, it must be widely used in mundane ways, like at the grocery store and gas station. And a little stability would help.
Crunching The Numbers On Today’s Inflation
The government wants us accustomed to the chained consumer price index (CPI), where prices move higher and we’re chained to a falling standard of living.
1 to 16 of 173 Posts
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