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I am an advocate of an intrinsic Valuation coupled with intense research on the business model. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Economics and at the moment I am finishing my Master's Degree in Magdeburg, Germany with a strong focus on finance. Worked for BASF in Germany and ... more


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AppHarvest - Building A Resilient Food System For America
AppHarvest is an AgTech company that aims to build a resilient food system for America through the construction and operation of large-scale and high-tech greenhouses.
HUYA And DOYU 2020 Q3 Earnings Summary
Both firms grew in revenue substantially. However, MAU of HUYA declined, and DOYUs margins declined. Considering the reasonable price, both firms are attractive, but keep an eye on the financials as we advance.
Why Lemonades' Revenue Decreased Year Over Year, And The Company Still Smashed Q3 Earnings
Revenue decreased YoY due to accounting changes. The metric for measuring Lemonades' success more precisely is in force premium (IFP). IFP is now at $188.9M, representing a 99% increase YoY and smashing Lemonades guidance by 9%.
Huya And DouYu – China's Enormous Streaming Market A Promising ESports Play
By merging, Huya and DouYu will become the biggest streaming platform. Their customers are based in China, a country which is excited about eSports. The development of the fundamentals is rock solid, and so are the balance sheets.
Lemonade – Disrupting The Insurance Industry?
The traditional insurance companies are rigid and slow-moving due to their inherent hierarchies and structures. The industry was not disrupted in quite a while. This scenario creates a chance for a fast-moving firm like Lemonade.
Tesla's Estimated CAGR Of 50% For The Upcoming 5 Years: Fairy Tale Or Plausible?
Elon Musk forecasts a CAGR of 50% for deliveries. This is an exceptionally high value, but it can be achieved under certain conditions.
Stratasys – An Exciting Pure 3D Printing Play With Limited Downside Risk
From 2011 to 2012, operating margins were hovering around 15%, if SSYS manages to strengthen margins to the same level, the stock is strongly undervalued.
Proto Labs - An Exciting Growth Story Lagging Behind Expectations
3D-printing market is constantly growing but lagging behind expectations.
Deriving Square's Growth Potential By Comparing It With Customer Banking
By comparing the consumer banking segment of banks with Square, future revenues of Square can be derived. Squares Revenue/Customer ratio will approach the ones of banks during this decade, which leads to a CAGR of 24% during the next eight years.
Turtle Beach With A Turnaround In 2020?
The fifth generation of gaming consoles is a catalyst for sales. Low expectations leave room for upside surprises. A fair value of $23 signals a great buying opportunity.
IRobot Entry Point To A Beaten-Down Growth Stock
To this date, iRobot shares are down approximately 60% from its ATH of $130. The overall opinion is very negative, reflected in very low earnings expectations.
Nintendo: A Look Into Nintendo And Its ESports Potential
Nintendo is focused on the console gaming market, which is decreasing drastically. ESports is a rapidly growing market and Nintendo has the potential to take part in it. Nintendo is neglecting the importance of eSports and online gaming.
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