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I am an advocate of an intrinsic Valuation coupled with intense research on the business model. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Economics and at the moment I am finishing my Master's Degree in Magdeburg, Germany with a strong focus on finance. Worked for BASF in Germany and ... more


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E Turtle Beach With A Turnaround In 2020?
The fifth generation of gaming consoles is a catalyst for sales. Low expectations leave room for upside surprises. A fair value of $23 signals a great buying opportunity.
E IRobot Entry Point To A Beaten-Down Growth Stock
To this date, iRobot shares are down approximately 60% from its ATH of $130. The overall opinion is very negative, reflected in very low earnings expectations.
E Nintendo: A Look Into Nintendo And Its ESports Potential
Nintendo is focused on the console gaming market, which is decreasing drastically. ESports is a rapidly growing market and Nintendo has the potential to take part in it. Nintendo is neglecting the importance of eSports and online gaming.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts