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Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies, was Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. Time Magazine named him one of the ten most effective cabinet secretaries of the ... more


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Amazon Workers’ Astounding Win, And How Corporate America Is Trying To Take Back Power
On Friday, Amazon – America’s wealthiest, most powerful, and fiercest anti-union corporation, with the second-largest workforce in the nation (Walmart being the largest), lost out to a group of warehouse workers in New York who voted to form a union.
The Fed Is About To Shaft American Workers – For No Good Reason
The last thing average working people need is for the Fed to raise interest rates and slow the economy further. The problem most people face isn’t inflation. It’s a lack of good jobs.
As Job Gains Slow, The Fed And Congress Apply The Wrong Medicine
The Fed is about to prescribe the wrong medicine. It’s going to raise interest rates to slow the economy – even though millions of former workers have yet to return to the job market and even though job growth is slowing sharply.
Psst: You Want To Know What’s Really Driving Inflation? (Not What The Fed Thinks It Is)
“Inflation is more persistent and higher, and that the risk of it remaining higher for longer has grown,” Jerome Powell explained. Translated: The Fed are about to slow the economy — even though we’re still 4 million jobs short of where we were.
What’s Really Driving Inflation? Corporate Power
The biggest culprit for rising prices that’s not being talked about is the increasing economic concentration of the American economy in the hands of a relative few giant big corporations with the power to raise prices.
Today’s Jobs Report Reveals A Striking Thing: A Large Portion Of The American Workforce Is Now Effectively On Strike.
The U.S. added just 194,000 jobs in September, down from the 366,000 added in August and far below the million-plus in July (before the Delta variant took hold).
The Week Ahead: Everything Hangs In The Balance, But The Economy Is A Wild Card
Expect more fear-mongering this week over failure to raise the nation’s debt ceiling.
What Should We Do About The Debt Ceiling, And Why Should You Care?
The debt ceiling fight is back. Many of you may be asking yourself: what the hell is the debt ceiling? In short, it’s the limit on how much the government is allowed to borrow to pay for what it already owes on bills Congress has already agreed on.
The Real Socialism In America Isn’t What You Think
Thousands of big American corporations rake in billions each year in government subsidies, bailouts, and tax loopholes – all funded on the taxpayer dime, and all contributing to higher stock prices for the richest 1 percent.
I've Had It
I’ve had it with the sanctimony of journalists who haven’t thought about Afghanistan before and are now filling the news hole with overwrought stories. The focus on Afghanistan is distracting us from huge stuff that’s coming to a head at home.
A Trump Bombshell Quietly Dropped Last Week. And It Should Shock Us All
Donald Trump’s proto-fascism poses the largest internal threat to American democracy since the civil war.
EC Worker Power
Corporations are waging political fights to keep employees off the books: Uber, Lyft, and others shelled out $200 million to get Prop 22 passed, exempting them from a crack down on misclassification.
The Inflation Bogeyman
You’re hearing a lot about inflation these days. Don’t buy it.
Real Patriotism On This July 4th
On this 4th of July, many people believe that celebrating America means waving the flag, standing for the national anthem, or shouting “America First.” But that’s not what real patriotism is.
Why So Much Wealth At The Top Threatens The US Economy
Policymakers and the media are paying too much attention to how quickly the U.S. economy will emerge from the pandemic-induced recession, and not nearly enough to the increasing imbalance of wealth that could enfeeble the economy for years.
America’s Greatest Danger Isn’t China. It’s Much Closer To Home.
China’s increasingly aggressive geopolitical and economic stance in the world is unleashing a fierce bipartisan backlash in America. That’s fine if it leads to more investment in research, education, and infrastructure. But it poses dangers as well.
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