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My name is Robert Alexander, but I’m probably better known as ‘Alex’ in trading forums.  I’ve been a full time trader for well over a decade and began trading in the late 1990s while working in management and sales at a well-known aerospace company. As my style ... more


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The Markets In Review
Oil continues to act as expected after bottoming. It could become a vicious ‘shake out & recovery’.
Pops And Drops
The Markets were ripping higher, and we enjoyed that ride for months too.
Gold Review - Tuesday, December 24
On Monday gold pushed a bit higher and it has closed above the 50 sma. On what would normally be a light volume week of holiday trading, GDX pushed away from the 50 sma with decent volume.
Let Me Tell You A Story About Gold
Why 2019 could be a very profitable year.
Oil Update
Today we have a swing low and a backtest.
Something About Gold
The USD is due for a drop, which is usually good for Gold, but Gold is in a 3rd daily cycle, that is often when it weakens.
A Golden Bull?
Gold closed higher last week with the USD rising. Silver still hold above the shake-out. Miners held above their shake-out too.
Golden Surprise
Miners started to sell off, but nothing like Gold. That is a big deal. We could see Miners do a quick flush below the lower trend line, but so far Miners have been resisting Gold sell-off.
Oil – Buy The Expected Dip
The shorts by ‘Smart Money’ increased again.They are determined to ride a drop in Oil prices, although Oil has been bullish in recent weeks.
The Mesmerizing Bitcoin / Blockchain Trades
If the USD bounces out of a dcl, I think that Gold will resist any major looking selling.
The Weekend Walk Through
Nasdaq has basically gone sideways all summer. Price is where it was in May. Is this reversal ready to move price higher out of this consolidation?
In this report I’m going to discuss my analysis ( technical / Cycles / etc) and the conclusions that are drawn from that, but I also wanted to mention a few things that have subconsciously been 'in the back of my mind ‘ in a few areas.
Cliff Natural Resource: Is It Too Late To Trade?
Is it too late to take a trade when it jumps up 11%? Not when I look at the big picture.
Precious Metals – Alive Or Dead?
I see a lot of people have started absolutely hating precious metals and miners in recent weeks, and that is understandable. Gold, silver and the miners have taken a dive, especially since the recent election results in the U.S.
Recalculating Route
Last week sectors of the markets took sharp detours right after the elections. Using over 50 charts, this weekend report will discuss the road we find ourselves on now.
Gold And The USD
Gold usually drops when the USD rises, but lately, we do see both rising at the same time.
1 to 16 of 21 Posts
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