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I have Studied commerce and Economics and some more ….. Austrian Economics in Munich , Germany

I was chief investment officer at some large Asset managers in India and at one point managing USD 6 billion in equity , fixed income , offshore and PMS assets at Tata ... more


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Charts That Matter- Monday, Jan. 13
The world economy and commodity prices will get a boost in 2020.
Charts That Matter - Thursday, January 9
US auto loan and credit card delinquencies are trending higher.
Global Markets Commentary And Outlook
Almost every major central bank across the world is easing at the moment in hopes of generating a mini-cycle trough to rebound growth in 2020.
Charts That Matter - Friday, Dec. 13
Morgan Stanley expects 2020 will be driven by an improvement in the world excluding the US, while US growth flatlines around trend.
Charts That Matter - Friday, Nov. 29
US headed for 0% GDP growth in Q4 and Q1.
Charts That Matter - Thursday, Nov. 28
Latin American markets are experiencing a rout as anti-government protests spread. Brazil, Chile and Colombia’s currencies have all weakened to record lows.
Charts That Matter - Aug. 2nd
US markets are just correcting and the final top is not in and you know why? Despite the extreme amount of corporate leverage and the low quality of corporate credit, junk spreads remain near all-time lows.
Charts That Matter - Tuesday, July 23
An economy which is growing at 3% and an unemployment rate of less than 4% will see rate cuts in next week Fed meeting.
Charts That Matter - Friday, July 5
The Chinese economy is deteriorating fast. The NBS PMI showed jobs contracting at a quicker pace in June (46.9) – the weakest since the 2009 GFC slump.
Charts That Matter - Thursday, July 4
Anything left with a positive real yield in Europe is getting eaten up right now.
Charts That Matter - Wednesday, July 3
We now have the entire US Treasury curve below the Fed overnight rate.
In Gold We Trust!
Gold is the universal reserve asset to which central banks, investors, and private individuals from every corner of the world and of every religion and every class return again and again.
Secular Stagnation
As most of you know, a reading above 50 is expansion and below 50 is a contraction.
Which Way The US Dollar Breaks Will Have Major Asset Allocation Implications For The Second Half Of 2019
The US dollar is on the cusp of making a major move. The question is which way will it go, higher or lower?
Charts That Matter - Update For Week Ending April 19
The Volatility Index has fallen 60% over the past 17 weeks, the largest 17-week decline in history.
Charts That Matter - Thursday, April 4
US imports showing no sign of pick even in late March.
1 to 16 of 61 Posts
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