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Developer of the FDates Algorithm for Market Timing. Author of the "Time/Price Trader" and "Market Forecasting Secrets" books. CEO of ProfitMax Trading Inc., a Market Forecasting and Timing service that operates the FDates Market Forecasting membership since 1996. 


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Learn This Before You Trade Futures
Interested in trading futures? Here's what you need to know before you get started...
Shorten Your Risk Exposure Time With Market Timing
Determining where to place your initial stop-loss can be difficult for most traders. Too close and you risk getting stopped out of a good trade. Too far and you risk losing more money if stopped out. Is there a way to avoid this?
Rally For Coffee? Cycles Suggest Very Likely
Coffee has been nicely following a predictable pattern. If the pattern is to hold, we should expect Coffee to be overall 'bullish' between now and 12/22.
Australian Dollar (Futures) Rally?
With all indications pointing to an oversold market, the Australian Dollar Futures may be ready for a rally towards Christmas.
E Time For A Crude Oil Correction?
The expectation is for Crude Oil to follow the anticipated cycle pattern and make a top, at least for the short-term, barring any major worldly event (like WW3, terrorist attack, etc.) that tends to exaggerate market moves.
E Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD): Short-Term Gains Expected
Indicators are pointing to a pullback in Canadian Dollar Futures. When translated to the Canadian Dollar Forex, look for a short-term rally as a cycle turn is now due.
E Sept. 2017 Silver Outlook
September Silver futures ended today as they started at the beginning of the week, on a positive note. Since making a bottom on July 10th,there has only been one negative closing day (July 12). Cycles suggest a setback.
The Fascination With Fibonacci - Trader's Advantage
Fibonacci, not so much the man but the math, is fascinating on its own apart from trading.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts