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COVID-19 And Women’s Finances: 4 Money Ideas
COVID-19 has further deteriorated the status of women’s finances. Here are four money ideas for women to consider now.
What Will Your 2021 Be ‘About?’
Perhaps 2021 is ‘about’ learning from people smarter than us. And there are a lot of intuitive humans around if you open your eyes to them.  Frankly, we can seek to learn from anyone if we’re open-minded enough.
Nine-Steps To Strong 2021 Fiscal Fitness
January is the time to make your fiscal fitness resolutions for 2021.
Worried About Taxes? Consider These Ideas
Currently, the annual contribution limit per individual is $6,000; $7,000 for individuals 50 or older. These limits apply to 2021, too—unfortunately, Roth IRA contribution levels phase-out based on household adjusted gross income.
What Is The Great Medicare Mistake?
The difference in drug prices among the lowest and highest costing plans can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Drug plans with the highest premiums do not necessarily provide better coverage.
Retirement Income Planning Truth With Jim Otar - Part 2
Where one retires in a market cycle is the spin of a roulette wheel. Many investors are convinced the ‘when’ of retirement is a complex concept.
Retirement Income Planning Truth With Jim Otar
Income is the lifeblood of retirement. 
Don’t Ignore These Retirement Mistakes - Part 2
Today, retirees face a tremendous challenge: How to generate predictable cash flow with real interest rates on fixed-income investments such as bonds, at zero or negative.
Don’t Ignore These Retirement Mistakes - Part 1
People close to or in retirement must make risk mitigation a priority. No longer money-making, earnings machines, retirees should mentally alter their mindset from one of accumulation to distribution.
Financial Friction Burns Wealth
Financial friction burns wealth when there’s resistance– the heat of conflict, clash of opinion. When money lies between two opposing forces, friction can destroy wealth.
Anatomy Of The Bear. Lessons From Russell Napier
Low volume represents a complete disinterest in stocks. Keep in mind this clearly contradicts the tenet which states that bears end with one act of massive capitulation – a downward cascade on great volume.
America: Will We Finally Learn A Lesson?
If as households we do crumble financially yet another time, will this ‘outlier’ event finally teach us a valuable lesson? One we’ll never forget (again)?
6 Considerations For Long-Term Care Coverage
Retirement is a continuous road, mile markers that represent age may be visualized along the path.
Where’s The Adult Merit Badge For Super Savers?
Super Savers are a special breed. They are not concerned about keeping up impressions; they exist outside the mainstream of seductive consumerism.
The Secure Act: It’s Reality & What You Need To Know
The Secure Act will require owners of larger pre-tax retirement accounts who plan to leave a legacy to family through IRAs, to review and possibly restructure their estate plans, ideas, in the coming years.
It’s A Wonderful Time Of Year To Face Financial Ghosts
Ghosts of the past are notorious for creeping into the present, especially when holidays roll around.
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