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Frequent writer & contributor to local television & radio stations. Quoted in various publications including the New Yorker, the NY Times, The Wall Street Journal & SmartMoney. Also provider of content to CNBC, MarketWatch. 2014: Regular contributor to MarketWatch's Retirement ... more


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5-Things Your Broker Will Ignore – Part 3
Retirement at 65 is an outdated concept. It’s not unusual for older Americans to work longer or return to the workforce at 70 or older.
5 Things Your Broker Wont Tell You – Part 2
Newbies to the retirement experience and those who aspire to retire within the next 3-5 years must seriously consider comprehensive financial and distribution planning to ensure the retirement income paychecks they require are realistic.
5-Things Your Broker Will Ignore - Part 1
Investors mistakenly believe their financial partners are students of holistic financial planning.
A Generational Dose Of Financial Reality
Financial wellness is difficult to achieve without steeled resolve for fiscal self-preservation and an endlessly skeptical nature about the information provided by mainstream financial media.
3-Steps To Holistic Financial Wellness
Investors tend to narrowly define wealth management as portfolios and products.
5-Things Savvy Investors Should Know About Social Security
Current & future retirees see Social Security as their primary source of retirement income.
Your Healthcare In Retirement Reality
Retirement planning is a holistic process that helps one to crystallize the relationship among savings habits, investments and debt.
Tips To Consider If You Are At Risk Of Getting A Severance Package
With the current economic expansion already extremely long, even by historical standards, there is a rising risk that record low unemployment most likely won’t stay that way forever.
Social Security Is America’s Pension
Abhorrent income inequality along with issues related to social safety nets like Social Security are political hot potatoes. They should be considered human issues.
Is Your Investing Like A "Bird Box" Challenge – Part 3
Stocks are one alternative to growing and preserving wealth. They’re not the only investment in town.
Is Your Investing Like A "Bird Box" Challenge – Part 2
Beating a market index is not going to make you wealthy or help to achieve goals. Investors who attempt to pay “catch-up” or believe taking on additional portfolio risk is the answer are going to be sadly disappointed.
Is Your Investing Like A “Bird Box” Challenge?
There are 4 statements that big-box financial brokers and their strategists expound under the appearance of guidance when they should be considered pacification.
EC Bear Market Awareness Checklist
Bear markets characteristically align with economic contraction.
What You Need To Know About Bear Markets
A bear occurs when stock prices fall 20% from the previous high. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a bear market in years; even corrections (10% off the prior high), feel much worse.
HH 3 Facts Investors Are Learning The Hard Way About The Markets
The investment vs. valuation connection has been severed and the reconnect is going to be marked by turbulence and disappointment.
Fed’s Survey Of Economic (Un)Well-Being
Financial vulnerability remains a factor for many U.S. households. Our culture of spending is hazardous, especially now as borrowing costs increase.
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