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Mr. Dwyer is a Silicon Valley, California lawyer who was former Associate Editor of the Stanford Law Review (1988-1989), with a A.B. in Economics from Stanford University (1986). He follows technology, gambling and emerging markets.


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Cryptocurrency Hitting Mainstream Entertainment; EOS Worth A Hard Look
Cryptocurrency is appearing in mainstream entertainment (e.g. Showtime's Billions, Sony's Superfly); plus, discussion of EOS cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency: Thoughts On Jamie Dimon And China
There's a lot to talk about on recent developments in cryptocurrency.
TenX ICO - Don't Overpay. Crypto Instant Transactions & Debit Cards Already In Marketplace
Everyone should be cautious with TenX ICO. The technology that they are pushing while it is cutting edge today might not be cutting edge tomorrow.
FV Buying Cryptocurrency - Some Things To Consider
Buying a cryptocurrency requires some forethought. Here are some factors to consider.
E Expect Turbulence
What is consistent with the different camps is the recognition that there is a debt bubble that will heavily impact investor sentiment.
E Dropping Prices Bodes Well For Waymo's Driverless Car Technology
The effect of lower prices on driver-less car technology.
1 to 6 of 6 Posts