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Mr. Matison earned a B.S. in engineering physics and a M.S. in Actuarial Science. He worked in the actuarial field for six years, and then became registered representative at Hayden Stone. Later, while working as a financial analyst at Legg, Mason Inc., he was recognized by Institutional ...more

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Important Economic And Geopolitical Questions - And Their Answers
Determining America’s economic trends and world leadership position is no longer difficult; all we need to do is answer some simple but foundational questions.
U.S. Financial Market’s “Weimar Phase” Impact To Your Fiat And Digital Assets
Currency and financial markets will decline in value, while digital asset values will rise.
Fiat Demise
As the world gets more economically and geopolitically divided, or namely more decentralized, a bridge currency will become increasingly important.
One Possible Outcome To A New World Order
The fiat monetary system of central banks will experience loss of control, and some individual country failure, as trust in our traditional currency gets destroyed.
New World Order, And CRISIS
It is time for the US to recede from its global leadership position; but continue to provide advice and guidance for future evolution of our world – while counting our present blessings. 
What Is Our Real Economic And Financial Prognosis?
In times of inflation, the government has an increasing need for more currency, as the value of that currency is declining to pay for government spending.
Greater Depression Now!?
An economic depression is perceived to be much longer-lasting than a recession, but no specific period has been adopted.
Neither The Fed Nor Government Can Print “Trust”
Transparency of government is crucial to keeping it honest and accountable. It is also crucial for maintaining the trust of the nation’s people.
The Next Bitcoin
Technological innovation and regulation will greatly influence the nature and number of future generations’ upgraded “next bitcoin’s” emission in ways that we cannot imagine.
Meshing Cryptocurrency Wealth Generation With Global Fiat Money Demise
Paper currencies will recede in usage, as electronic payments will increasingly dominate.
Cryptocurrency Policy Choices And Consequences
Decisions have consequences, and how we define and regulate cryptocurrencies will have long-term nation-impacting consequences. 
Centralization, Blockchain And Decentralization
Centralization gains support when the targeted population receives some kind of benefit.
Bank Run, Or Run From The Banks?
Our nation’s economic conditions have been influenced negatively by a viral lockdown of overall industry such that many of its component parts are in dire financial straits, and a large portion of the labor force is not earning an adequate income.
New Global Reserve Currency?
Politicians and investors regularly claim that “this time it’s different”. But history shows us repeatedly that rarely things are truly or fundamentally different.
USD Has Crossed The “Event Horizon”.
When a government issues additional debt that is not benefiting its citizens or oppresses them, it is known as odious debt – which is deemed as illegitimate.
Blockchain Primer
Most people have added at least two new words to their vocabulary in the last decade – Bitcoin and blockchain, even if their understanding of these terms is far from complete.
1 to 16 of 34 Posts