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Mr. Matison earned a B.S. in engineering physics and a M.S. in Actuarial Science.  He worked in the actuarial field for six years, and then became registered representative at Hayden Stone.  Later, while working as a financial analyst at Legg, Mason Inc., he was recognized by ... more

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E Centralization, Blockchain And Decentralization
Centralization gains support when the targeted population receives some kind of benefit.
E Bank Run, Or Run From The Banks?
Our nation’s economic conditions have been influenced negatively by a viral lockdown of overall industry such that many of its component parts are in dire financial straits, and a large portion of the labor force is not earning an adequate income.
E New Global Reserve Currency?
Politicians and investors regularly claim that “this time it’s different”. But history shows us repeatedly that rarely things are truly or fundamentally different.
E USD Has Crossed The “Event Horizon”.
When a government issues additional debt that is not benefiting its citizens or oppresses them, it is known as odious debt – which is deemed as illegitimate.
E Blockchain Primer
Most people have added at least two new words to their vocabulary in the last decade – Bitcoin and blockchain, even if their understanding of these terms is far from complete.
E Monetary And Economic Financial Reset
Our financial markets are precarious as they have plunged three times in two years. Extrapolating current trends are now dangerous as market volatility has increased.
E Debt And Dollar Collapse Leading To Potential Stock Market Melt-Up
The combined effect of record debt and unemployment on our paper fiat currency and markets are directing America's near-term future.
E Gold’s Role In The Greater Depression Of 2020
The most important measure for an economy, its recovery or advancement is employment - that is, the availability of good-paying jobs.
E The Last Minsky Financial Snowflake Has Fallen – What Now?
No longer can anyone pretend that the economy is just fine or that the markets may rise again near term. With the evaporation of one third in equity values in a month, denial is not an option anymore.
We should understand that the present record-high financial markets are an illusion manipulated by the Fed. As FOMO is being overtaken by FOPA, the markets will reflect reality.
E What To Expect In Our Next Recession/Depression?
When the next recession/depression is upon us, the rate of unemployment will rise to uncomfortable levels – impacting severely those who were previously working but are now unemployed.
E Market Decline Will Lead To Pension Collapse, USD Devaluation, And NWO.
It is the goal of this article to project the current financial, economic, and geopolitical trends to a logical and credible future outcome.
E Financial Markets, Iran, U.S. Global Hegemony
Markets for equities and bonds have been struggling over the last one and a half years.
E Capitalism Works, Ravenous Capitalism Doesn’t
Capitalism does work; but ravenous capitalism is indeed self-destructive. The bounty of capitalism must be shared not only with its owners or investors, but also with its other “significant partners” – the nation’s workers.
E Currency War Combatant Capability Comparisons
Specific comparisons of country GDP, population, and M1 currency outstanding in this report make plain that the United States is so much larger and more powerful than every single nation on the globe except China.
E Future Interest Rates, Financial Markets, And The Fed
"Don’t fight the Fed" is a long-established, oft-confirmed market proverb. The Fed is indeed an incredibly powerful institution; in fact, it is perhaps the most powerful entity on the planet.
1 to 16 of 22 Posts
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