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Raki Shah is a seasoned business executive with experience in corporate finance, M&A, strategy, accounting, and marketing. He is a CPA, MBA, and currently works for a global multinational company. Atma Business Blog is an outlet where I rant ...more

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The Good Guys Are (Finally) Winning
When high finance first comes to mind, one immediately thinks of the excesses. The $10M birthday parties, the "wolves" of Wall Street, and the Goldman bonuses.
Why Unicorns Matter
Call them unicorns or bubble companies, but there is something significantly relevant about the technology start-ups that have joined the $1B+ valuation club.
Is The Uber Ecosystem Sustainable?
Will Uber get an opportunity to grow up? Armed with a $40B valuation, many investors think so. Whether you believe in the app based taxi hailer or not, Uber’s impact can be felt all around the world.
The New New Bond Market
The days of corporate bonds, treasuries, and real estate income properties are over. In are crowdfunded startups, movie projects, and student loans.
Selling In A Seller's Market
From residential housing to Uber's dizzying $40B capital round, asset valuations have never been so high. Understandably, many small business owners looking to sell expect to write their "own number."
The S&P Paradox
Despite all the complex options available, one of the most effective investment strategies has been to simply play the S&P index.
When Will Local Come Back?
Is the age of the local services company over? Outsourced call centers, online help tickets and IVRs have been around for decades, but the progression towards centralized support has now moved into the once untouched neighborhood service provider.
The Bankruptcy Boon
The US bankruptcy process is amazing. When a large mismanaged company goes under, it is a boon for many parties. Consultants and attorneys bill four figures an hour, opportunistic investors prey on the carcass, all in the vein of cashing in on a distressed situation.
Should We Crowdfund?
Angel List is one of the hottest capital sources around today. The benefits of crowdfunding sites like it are many - they offer a wide number of startups access to funds...
The Disruption Of The Disruptors
I am like no other pundit waiting for the shoe to drop. Like the late 1990s. For yet another cloud storage company to shelf its IPO (sorry Box). Frothy valuations based on solely on a disruptive story are already becoming harder to come by.
A New Perspective On Net Neutrality
Little by little, the reality of an unfiltered internet seems more and more remote. Once thought of as a sacrosanct protection from traffic prioritization by internet providers, the practicality of a usage based pricing model seems no longer out of the question.
The Real Reason Big Businesses Fail
Only one of the original 12 Dow members still remain as does only a handful of the initial Dow 30 from 1928. And these were the best of the best. There is one simple commonality amongst all the companies gone bad...
1 to 12 of 12 Posts