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After spending years as an active trader across several capital markets, Rafael earned his stripes as a former futures and options broker specializing in equity indices, energies, metals, and soft commodities. He prides himself on identifying potential opportunities that feature a ... more

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S&P 500 Slips At Close, Sector Strength Tells Defensive Story
Broader markets have been quiet over the last few days and trading in narrow ranges.
Slope Dope? S&P 500 Monthly Candles Aim For Asteroids
It’s no secret that the S&P 500 has been leaving all bears in the dust. How does the recent rate of change measure up to previous bull runs?
Fed Nothingburger, Dollar Lower, Focus On GDP, PCE
It was a rather pedestrian FOMC Statement day on Wednesday. There is GDP data incoming, and the widely Fed-followed Core PCE Price Index data comes out on Friday. 
All Eyes On Big Tech Earnings This Week. Contrarian Play?
The bull market has continued, albeit with some warning signs beneath the surface of the market.
Stalling Signs? Taking A Look Under The Hood Of US Equities
Equities traded quietly higher in Thursday's NY session. Simultaneously, bonds were bid rather firmly, sending interest rates even lower. What is going on beneath the surface?
S&P 500 Bounces From 50-Day SMA, What Is Different?
The repeating technical pattern in the large-cap index has repeated itself once again. How long can this phenomenon last, and what is different in the underlying market this time?
Inflation Nation: Pressure Builds, Underwater Beach Ball
Last week’s excessive CPI print marked the top of the S&P 500 for the week. As the market continues to digest the data, where is the breaking point for inflation and interest rates?
Bond Yields Slipping, How Long Can Inflation Be Transitory?
Since the big CPI and PPI prints earlier this week, markets have been trying to figure out direction and sentiment. What will be the outcome of continued higher inflation prints?
Big CPI Data, Bank Earnings Beat Expectations, Mixed Sectors
There is no question that the S&P 500 is in full resilience mode. Shaking off the large CPI prints without hesitancy and resuming the upside tells us a story.
Banks Kick Off Earnings Season, Are You Fading The CPI Fear?
It is the start of earnings season for US equities, with major banks reporting this week. Let’s see how bank earnings pair up with the much anticipated CPI data on Tuesday morning.
S&P 500 Lower In Early NY Trade, Bonds Bid Near Key Levels
Overseas markets were lower overnight on the chatter of Covid variants and the ECB. The S&P 500 is lower by over 60 handles in early NY cash trading.
Interest Rates: Making The Improbable Today’s Reality
The US Federal Reserve has raised its interest rate guidance for 2023; and potentially late 2022. Oddly enough, interest rates have moved lower since the last Fed meeting.
Finding Opportunity During A US Holiday Trading Week
It’s the week of the Independence Day Holiday, and that typically leads to lighter volume trade. There is little in the way of economic data this week, so let’s find some potential opportunities.
NFP Data On Tap, S&P 500 Slowly Grinds Higher, Overbought?
Holiday-style trade, narrow ranges, and low volatility have been this week’s theme in the S&P 500 thus far. What is the slow chug leading up to, with Friday's BIG Jobs Number?
Getting A TAN And Sticking With Working Strategies
Another day, another all-time high seems to have been the prevailing theme lately. Sticking with working strategies and themes may seem challenging, but fighting the tape is not the answer.
VIX At Pre-Pandemic Levels, Summertime Volatility Possible?
As the S&P 500 marches on, the VIX​​​​​​​ is trading at pre-pandemic levels.
1 to 16 of 34 Posts
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