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Certain valuation, momentum, and growth metrics have been academically shown to predict stock returns over time. We measure the average excess returns that these factors have produced historically, by analyzing academic paper results or doing the backtesting ourselves. Using these results, our ... more

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Why We're Still Bearish On Ballard Power Systems
Ballard Power Systems Inc. is down over 38% since our initial bear thesis from three months ago. We look to the future, and evaluate whether Ballard is a strong short candidate moving forward.
Expect Helen Of Troy To Crush Analyst Estimates Next Week
Our quantitative earnings model predicts that Helen of Troy's Q1 EPS and revenue numbers will dramatically exceed analyst expectations. The company is expected to release earnings after the market close on Wednesday, July 8th.
Huge Long Term Upside Available In Aetna
Even after its great run, Aetna is relatively undervalued by traditional measures of valuation. Earnings momentum has historically been a strength, as the company has a strong track record of beating analyst earnings estimates.
EC A Quantitative Breakdown Of Costco Wholesale Corporation: Expect More Upside
Given where the overall market is right now, Costco doesn't look that expensive. Growth and profitability remain strong, while momentum has been a major source of strength.
Bank Of Nova Scotia Is A Strong Buy At These Prices
Strong, consistently growing dividend yield is a great value for long-term investors. Extremely low short float and strong institutional buying indicates that the stock may have bottomed out. Canadian "housing bubble" fears are generally misunderstood and overblown.
Lockheed Martin: Global Conflict Escalation Presents An Oppurtunity
Lockheed is a very strong growth stock that has been crushing analyst earnings estimates recently. The stock is slightly overvalued.
Compass Diversified Holdings: A High Dividend Yielding Stock
CODI is most attractive because of its dividend yield of 8.72%. Not only is this in the 95th percentile of the market, but also the dividend yield is very likely to remain consistent over the coming years.
EC Boeing Is A Strong Buy
Boeing looks likely to outperform due to its superior combination of value, growth, momentum, and track record of crushing analyst estimates. Boeing is nursing a gigantic & growing backlog in its commercial airplanes segment to the tune of $440 billion.
MetLife: Great Opportunity To Get Value, Growth, & Buybacks In One Stock
MET is strongly undervalued in nearly every major valuation metric. While the stock has relatively weak price momentum, its EPS growth and gains in ROE and ROA show promise.
American Airlines Is A Strong Buy
American Airlines offers a great opportunity to buy into great growth, solid momentum, an attractive valuation, and strong industry tailwinds (cheap jet fuel).
AIG: Time To Buy The Bottom
AIG offers tremendous value to investors on a revenue, earnings, book value, and free cash flow basis. Future interest rate raises will provide an additional tailwind to AIG, which seems more and more likely as the US economy grows.
EC Which Is The Most Attractive Oil Refiner?
Refiners benefit from lower oil prices as their main input cost is crude, whereas the price they charge at the pump tends to be "sticky". The three refiners look very undervalued on a revenue, earnings, book, and free cash flow basis. We give a slight edge to Marathon Petroleum over the other two.
DR Horton Offers Value, Momentum, And Growth
DR Horton looks very attractively valued on a revenue, earnings, and book value relative basis.The stock outperformed in 2014 after a strong second half of the year.
Western Digital Offers Great Value
Western Digital is extremely undervalued on a free cash flow and earnings basis, providing an attractive opportunity for value investors.
Xerox: More Outperformance In 2015
Xerox looks very attractive on a revenue, earnings, book, and free cash flow basis relative to the technology sector averages.
Why Staples Is A Strong Buy In 2015
Staples has had strong price momentum recently, and stands to gain from the current retail sector comeback. The proposed merger between Staples/Office Depot looks likely to happen.
1 to 16 of 17 Posts
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