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British American Tobacco: Big Dividend On Sale
Shares of BTI have come down dramatically pushing the dividend yield over 8%. The company has received FDA approval for its latest products, and the stock is attractively valued
TrustCo Bank A Solid Buy Under $8
This is a well-run regional bank, paying a near 3.5% dividend yield. A price target of $7.50 is a great price to buy at.
Castlight Absolutely Crushed. Profit From This Bad Beat
Management changes following bad news on earnings led to a sell-off. 80-85% of the time Castlight stock bounces 10-15% off the lows following a 40% or more decline in one day.
Exact Sciences Is Going Higher
With the merger of Exact Sciences and Genomic Health, investors should be looking for EXAS earnings positive results by the end of 2020. In the meantime, revenue growth continues to be astounding.
GTT Communications: Beaten Down And Primed For A Bounce
GTT Communications is a telecom company that is on our radar after some big declines.We believe that shares have fallen too far too fast on the same news after the latest quarter, in addition to a recent short report. Investors can expect a bounce.
Party City: Excellent Trading Opportunity
This is a value story and we expect a sizable bounce once again following this selloff on no real news. Even with a big helium shortage the possible impacts are not nearly enough to justify the massive selloff since the last earnings report


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Red Hat: Selling For Our Bad Beat Investing Portfolio, Here Is Why
4 years ago

Here is a link to the BAD BEAT Investing portfolio.... seekingalpha.com/author/quad-7-capital/research

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Shake Shack: Impressive Expansion But Profit Concerns Weigh
4 years ago

Good point Gary. Never had them personally, maybe if they expand will get the chance.

In this article: SHAK
Cocoa Prices Lower On Profit Taking
4 years ago

@[Boaz Berkowitz](user:4643)

Cocoa Prices Lower On Profit Taking
4 years ago


Not understanding how exclusive pieces can contain such little information, should be a personal blog. Things like this are how a site crumbles and readers leave. There isn't analysis.

This sentence "I have been recommending a bullish position originally in the March contract as then we rolled into the May contract around the 1990 level & if you took the trade the stop loss has now been raised to 2141 as the chart structure is terrible at the present time however it will start to improve on a daily basis, therefore, lowering the monetary risk so continue to place the proper stop loss as who knows how high prices can trade." absolutely terrible.

Hershey Company: Love The Products But Stock Is Too Rich For Our Blood
4 years ago

The stagnation shows little signs of ceasing, what is more, the company is priced as if it is offering growth, Very inappropriate.

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Crude Oil Down $3 For Trading Week
4 years ago

No offense but these short articles are not very useful there is no fundamental analysis at all, not much technical or forward thinking opinion/analysis in these columns. Will no longer be reading what I can get from any other sites price quote. Would hope to see more analysis in the future to strengthen the community here

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Visa Is Still A Buy
4 years ago

For new companies or hypergrowth companies I agree. But take a look at say GM. Sold off assets..going to make less sales but improve profitability. Look st Fossil. Stock flew when they said sales would be much lower and company leaner but profit higher. Stocks can be valued funny, but profit matters. Always good to get another opinion though thanks for the contributions

In this article: V
Visa Is Still A Buy
4 years ago

Revenue growth matters but the multiple assigned is due to earnings growth. Take a look a Visa chart...we wouldnt bet against it. Same with mastercard.

In this article: V
Apple Makes A Move
4 years ago

Yes it really is something. Nothing surprises us anymore with Apple. And not much users can do, other than vote with their dollars, yet so many are loyal to the brand

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Fossil: Wow
4 years ago

The #Fossil rally was definitely surprising but we will tell you it stemmed from the fact that the name is going to be more profitable. It really is because of that alone. And the comparable sales result. $FOSL

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