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Weekly Market Outlook - Will The Rally Sputter Here?
Last week was an especially big week for real estate news, with October's existing-home sales report coming on Tuesday, and new-home sales being posted on Wednesday.
Weekly Market Outlook - Can The Rally Continue?
Even though the market didn't end the week on a wildly bullish foot, it ended the week with another respectable gain.
Weekly Market Outlook - Post-Election
The S&P 500 gained 3.8% last week. A few hours after Donald Trump was confirmed as the next President though, the S&P 500 was not only up, but had cleared a key technical hurdle.
Weekly Market Outlook - Election Week
Last week wasn't just rough. It was the worst week the market has logged since September, and it was close to being the worst week since January.
Weekly Market Outlook - Drifting Lower
Stocks tried to get the market back in a bullish groove, staging a pretty solid advance on Monday of last week.
Weekly Market Outlook - Lower Highs
Stocks pretty much ended last week where they started it, but more than that they ended the week still trapped between a rock and a hard place.
Weekly Market Outlook - Damage Control
The bulls tried and tried, but it was a lost cause last week. Stocks never recovered from last Tuesday's stumble, and the bulls squandered their best chance to get back on a bullish track on Friday.
Weekly Market Outlook - Narrowing Range
The bears may not have done any real damage last week, but the bulls certainly didn't accomplish much either. A huge technical resistance level not only held the buyers back, but further solidified.
Weekly Market Outlook - Mildly Bullish Undertow
Stocks managed to log a gain last week, but it was a "just barely" situation.
Weekly Market Outlook - Stuck In A Moment
While the market may have ended last week on a sour note, a little pre-weekend profit-taking can't entirely come as a surprise.
Weekly Market Outlook - Fed Wednesday Looms - September 19, 2016
As much as the bulls tried last week, they could never get the market back above a key hurdle. The threat of a September rate hike just continued to circulate, and never gave the buyers a chance to get traction.
Weekly Market Outlook - Key Levels To Watch Here
Things were going fine last week... until Friday, when it all came completely unraveled.
Weekly Market Outlook - 2 Month Range Continues
Despite a couple of scares, stocks ended last week intact, and even up just a bit thanks to Friday's gain. On the other hand, last week's action still left the S&P 500 along with the other indices overvalued and overbought.
Weekly Market Outlook - Signs Of Cracking
Unable to resist the weight of its 9% gain since its late-June low, the S&P 500 (SPX) (SPY) finally started to buckle last week.
Weekly Market Outlook - Tug Of War Continues
For the second week in a row, stocks were content to simply drift sideways.... the result of opposing factors simultaneously weighing on investors' mind.
Weekly Market Outlook - On The Fence Amid Presidential Cycle
Though the market finished on a bullish foot two Friday's ago, that tone didn't help stocks one iota last week.
1 to 16 of 152 Posts
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