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Amazing Power Patterns was built around the most basic reality concept of their only being three things a stock or index can do.  Simply stated, up, down or nowhere. It can be no other way.  That being said I wanted to keep it simple when it came to looking at stock ideas long or short ... more


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E Up Up And Away As They Say
The big question is "Where To From Here?". That's just some of what I'll be talking about.
E Let's Talk RSCCs
If you like buying breakouts, here's a chart for identifying high-probability low-risk trades.
E Buy Support, Sell Resistance?
Earnings came out. Again, multiple resistance zones told you all you needed to know. Review of last week's charts. (Video length: 00:08:45)
E Range Expansion
The fear of taking a position in something only to see it turn around and pow stopped out fast because the accelerated trend music stops just like it always does. Let's take a look what am i taking about when it comes to range expansion.
E Market Review: Is This It? Is This Where The Market's Get Flushed?
Is This Where The Market's Get Flushed? Is This the Start Of The 5th Wave? (Video Length: 00:11:46)
E Chart Of The Day - January 12, 2016
Today we chewed around all day and for awhile there it looked as though it was another "Here we go again" moment to the downside.
E 2015 Year In Review
In 2015, we outperformed the S&P 500 more than 8 times by using charts to simply buy stocks at support and selling them at resistance. The real kicker is we did this by rarely getting no more than 40% invested the whole year.
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