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Amazing Power Patterns was built around the most basic reality concept of their only being three things a stock or index can do. Simply stated, up, down or nowhere. It can be no other way. That being said I wanted to keep it simple when it came to looking at stock ideas long or short so it was ...more


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Up Up And Away As They Say
The big question is "Where To From Here?". That's just some of what I'll be talking about.
Let's Talk RSCCs
If you like buying breakouts, here's a chart for identifying high-probability low-risk trades.
Buy Support, Sell Resistance?
Earnings came out. Again, multiple resistance zones told you all you needed to know. Review of last week's charts. (Video length: 00:08:45)
Range Expansion
The fear of taking a position in something only to see it turn around and pow stopped out fast because the accelerated trend music stops just like it always does. Let's take a look what am i taking about when it comes to range expansion.
Market Review: Is This It? Is This Where The Market's Get Flushed?
Is This Where The Market's Get Flushed? Is This the Start Of The 5th Wave? (Video Length: 00:11:46)
Chart Of The Day - January 12, 2016
Today we chewed around all day and for awhile there it looked as though it was another "Here we go again" moment to the downside.
2015 Year In Review
In 2015, we outperformed the S&P 500 more than 8 times by using charts to simply buy stocks at support and selling them at resistance. The real kicker is we did this by rarely getting no more than 40% invested the whole year.
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