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Philip Hopf is the co-founder and Chief Analyst of Daily Market Update. Our analyses are primarily based on the Elliott-Wave method and Fibonaccis. However, we also incorporate aspects of fundamentals analysis in our approach. Daily Market Update identifies accurate price targets and ... more

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WTI & Brent Oil Technical Analysis: A Lot Of Action!
In the bigger picture, both crudes should eventually reach heights of $100 and above, followed by even higher prices at above $120 in the long run.
Turkey And Crypto: The Odyssey Simply Won't Stop
With the recent Thodex scandal, the crypto market in Turkey, which had a total daily trading volume of over $1.7 billion, has experienced a significant setback.
Saudi Aramco - A Leak In The Pipe
It may well be that there is a "leak in the pipe" in the metaphorical sense that the world does not yet know about. But if we hear about it in mainstream media, then remember that the pipe already exploded a while ago.
Silver Technical Analysis - Getting Cold Feet?
It remains to be seen how the bears react to the recovery attempt by the bulls and how the battle turns out. With its slow movement, the whole situation will likely stretch over quite some time.
4000 Points – A Historic Week For The S&P 500
The S&P500 is set to skyrocket but needs to clear the 4080 points mark.
Bitcoin & Ethereum - A Deep Dive?
In both cryptos, the corrections are dangerously close, and it has even become the primary scenario for Ethereum. Nonetheless, we expect both cryptocurrencies to gain much value in the future and remain invested on the long side.
Silver Technical Analysis
Patience and consistency are not only essential in our personal lives but also the fundamentals of successful investing.
Oil: Next Midterm Target $80
Overall, we expect the oil prices to decline in the short-run, which means that we should see Brent fall below $62.36 and WTI below $57.27. From there, we expect a comprehensive upward movement to above $80 in both Brent and WTI.
How Musa's Gold Changed The World
So, we somewhat follow Mansa Musa's footprints and continue to move up in the gold market. Our imminent next target is to overcome $1764. After a short correction, we should also tackle the $1879 mark.
Crude Oil - Back To Normal?
The crudes need to consolidate their prices below their first support lines of $67.68 (Brent) and $63.81 (WTI). Until then, it is important to stay away from $71.36 and $67.98, respectively.
Xpeng Inc: The Tesla Challenger From China
Overall, we might face a super-bullish stock here, which could genuinely resemble Tesla – and not only on the road.
Bitcoin & Ethereum - Be Careful - Technical Analysis
Given the bulls manage to complete the turnaround within the trading area, we will face new all-time highs. However, we are not there yet, and the bulls do not show any clear signs that the correction is completed.
Crude Oil - All Good Things Come To An End
We expect the two benchmark crudes to travel further move down South. Brent should move under $60.34 and WTI under $57.27. We are not categorically excluding the possibility that this will happen next week.
Golden Cornerstones - Gold & GLD Analysis
In the following course of action of the gold price, we expect it to consolidate in the zone between $1722 and $1606. There we will have a very pretty entry point for the following upwards trend.
EC Natural Gas: No Heating This Summer
The price for natural gas is ready to tackle $3.40 from a purely technical perspective. Fundamentally the market will not be able to get rid of the oversupply in contrast to the longer-term sinking demand.
WTI/Brent - Longterm Target Over $100
In the imminent course, we expect the crude prices to drop. Brent prices should fall below $60.34 first and continue to drop under $57.40. WTI, on the other hand, should be traded under $57.27 in the first instance and then fall to around $53.93. 
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