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Petros Steriotis has worked as a certified portfolio manager, financial adviser and market analyst in Europe. He uses technical analysis to trade Forex, index futures and commodities. He is a contributor to several financial publications. (Blog: more


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Silver And The Rebound Trendline
Silver to meet with the rebound trendline soon.
Gold: The Jury Is Still Out
The jury is still out in terms of if the market can break out, even though yesterday’s failure hints to a reversal.
Natural Gas Relative Strength Is Impressive
Natural gas may aim for the upper end of this price channel, as relative strength compared to crude oil is impressive.
Bitcoin Review - Monday, April 6
Bitcoin has recovered 50% of the COVID losses. Now trading around a crucial Fibonacci inflection point.
E-Mini S&P-500 Update
A breakout from the downtrend line is what is needed to hopefully spark some buying in ES futures.
Natural Gas Review - Friday, April 3
Even a natural gas rebound to the head/shoulders neckline will tempt many to sell, unless there is a big-time bear trap here.
Gold Morning Update - Thursday, April 2
Fibonacci support can apply well in today’s gold market.
Natural Gas Review - Wednesday, April 1
Natural gas sitting on the head and shoulders neckline.
Silver Review - Wednesday, April 1
Silver still comfortably below the downtrend line.
Natural Gas Review - Tuesday, March 31
Just a small trial to mitigate the downside spiral.
Silver Review - Tuesday, March 31
Silver’s rebound momentum is in question.
US Coffee Review - Monday, March 30
US coffee made a bottom one year ago and has been in a different universe than most risk assets.
Bitcoin Review - Friday, March 27
As long as BTC is below this trendline, any move up is just corrective and may invite belated liquidation.
Gold Review - Wednesday, March 25
Rapid-fire V-shaped response from the buyers, started after a slight bear trap, is a very positive signal for the gold market.
Silver Review - Thursday, March 12
Not far from confirming a multiple top, with target area some $2.5 lower.
Crude Oil Review - Monday, March 9
Long-term triangle bottom being targeted.
1 to 16 of 154 Posts
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