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Petros Steriotis has worked as a certified portfolio manager, financial adviser and market analyst in Europe. He uses technical analysis to trade Forex, index futures and commodities. He is a contributor to several financial publications. (Blog: more


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Gold: An Old $1,800 Resistance
Small volatility on gold daily chart makes me look back to the triple swing highs just below $1,800 about 8 years ago.
Natural Gas: Gravitating Back Towards The 3 Swing Highs
Natural gas made a new June contract high yesterday, but the gravity of the 3 swing highs is pulling sellers into the market.
Can Gold Stay Above Potential Head/Shoulders?
Gold needs to stay above the neckline of this potential $1 head-to-neckline head/shoulders formation.
Daily Crude Oil Turned Support To Resistance
June crude oil has built a nice support over previous resistance and the measured target is about $8 above the $18 breakout, provided the market does not form a bull trap.
Gold In Bullish-Looking Consolidation Mode
Gold in consolidation mode above the bullish inverse head and shoulders neckline that was formed last month.
Silver Annihilated Resistance
Silver annihilated the head/shoulders neckline resistance to eye the recent highs again.
E-Mini S&P Feeling The Pressure
S&P-500 futures showing signs of rolling over under the pressure of the Fibonacci levels above.
Lowering The Bar For Crude Oil Bulls
Crude oil needs to get above $25 per barrel to be back in the game.
Crude Oil Dipping Anew
Crude oil striving not to lose yet another support.
Silver And The Rebound Trendline
Silver to meet with the rebound trendline soon.
Gold: The Jury Is Still Out
The jury is still out in terms of if the market can break out, even though yesterday’s failure hints to a reversal.
Natural Gas Relative Strength Is Impressive
Natural gas may aim for the upper end of this price channel, as relative strength compared to crude oil is impressive.
Bitcoin Review - Monday, April 6
Bitcoin has recovered 50% of the COVID losses. Now trading around a crucial Fibonacci inflection point.
E-Mini S&P-500 Update
A breakout from the downtrend line is what is needed to hopefully spark some buying in ES futures.
Natural Gas Review - Friday, April 3
Even a natural gas rebound to the head/shoulders neckline will tempt many to sell, unless there is a big-time bear trap here.
Gold Morning Update - Thursday, April 2
Fibonacci support can apply well in today’s gold market.
1 to 16 of 163 Posts
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