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An award-winning, Calgary-based author, editor and writer, Peter McKenzie-Brown has worked for several corporate clients and for industry and business publications. He has written many articles for energy-related magazines and was a coordinator and interviewer for the Petroleum History ...more

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Book Review: Peter Mansbridge One On One
When Peter Mansbridge was CBC TV’s chief correspondent, I greatly enjoyed listening to his one-on-one interviews. I was therefore delighted when I found this book in my local library.
Tech Talk: More On Canada’s Oil Sands Story
Oil prices suggest quite strongly that this commodity hit rock bottom 18 months ago. If this is true, the rising commodity price will mean a rapidly recovering energy sector.
Tech Talk: Canada’s Oil Sands Story
I think it’s time to put a few Shekels into Suncor, which has been a spectacularly successful oil sands company.
Tech Talk: Financials Redux
XLF has been consolidating since the end of last year, and now seems to have recovered its oomph.
Tech Talk: Buying BAD
Badger Daylighting is a Canadian company which provides industrial cleanup services for the resource and other sectors in the economy. It took a deep plunge in response to worries about Trump's rejection of climate change at the G7 meeting,
Tech Talk: Canadian Utilities
According to the company’s most recent financials, its net income grew by 20.91% in the last 12 months, C$0.79 per share during the most recently completed quarter. This represented a net profit margin of 18.82%.
Tech Talk: Canadian Natural Resources
Even when oil prices were higher than US$100 per barrel (2014 and earlier) this stock was only a bit higher than it is today, when prices are hovering around US$50.
Tech Talk: Altura Energy
The 26% bump in the company’s stock price was a response to the following news in its first quarter financials, which reported corporate production of 1,016 barrels of oil equivalent per day, from capital spending of only C$9.0 million.
Tech Talk: Tulip Mania?
CNQ has been a spectacularly successful oil sands company, having risen nearly 2,000 percent in the last 30 years.
Tech Talk: Ford Motors
Ford has released plans to go beyond its petroleum-fueled vehicles, and produce more electric-powered and self-driving models. That, it seems to me, is the wave of the future.
Tech Talk: Big Pharma’s Spider And Its ETF
What a difference a speech can make! President Trump’s performance yesterday, in which he sounded less erratic and rather sensible, sent the markets skyward today. How great is that?
Tech Talk: Getting Cautious
Since the 2008 crash, the S&P 500 has more than tripled. The markets were weakening last November, before the US elections, and Donald Trump’s surprise win gave them some more wind.
Tech Talk: Are They Overbought Yet?
I’m optimistic by nature. In addition, it’s likely that, in the gong show taking place south of the Canadian border, the new Administration will greatly reduce corporate taxes, boosting share performance. I shifted some of my money into ETFs.
Tech Talk: It’s Not About Cars Anymore
After years of losses, in the last quarter, Tesla’s net income finally got out of the red. It went from a loss of US$1.78 per share to a gain of US$0.14.
Tech Talk: Giant
Today, the rally continues. As a major acquisition of an energy infrastructure company by a Canadian rival, this deal will put AltaGas in the big leagues.
Tech Talk: Crosses To Bear
The markets have been so great lately that picking winning ideas has been pretty easy. So let’s get back to the fundamentals – the tools of technical analysis, and how to use them to anticipate the future.
1 to 16 of 58 Posts