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Silver To $300
Silver is currently at or very close to its bottom, but that its ultimate peak could well be in the $300 range. Either way, silver is headed much, much higher.
EC MMT: Medieval Monetary Theory
Modern Monetary Theory - MMT - is a recurring theme that’s not likely to go away. However, it's not modern, it’s not about money (it’s about currency), and it’s no longer a theory.
Silver Enters Acceleration Phase
The silver market has rarely if ever, experienced anything like this. Demand has not only soared; it has maintained these elevated levels.
Gold Bottom
Enthusiastic gold investors everywhere are wondering…has gold finally bottomed?
$100 Silver Ahead
Silver corrections come with the territory. Investors need to embrace them, and use them to their advantage.
Helicopter Money Vs. Gold
At its latest FOMC meeting, the Fed promised near-zero interest with no rate hikes until 2023, and its $120 billion monthly asset purchases see no sign of abating.
Commodity Comeback
Monetary growth has already far outpaced levels from the 1970s. And we know that inflation follows the money supply, often with a lag.
HH Be A 'Silver Hodler'
Silver is an odd metal. The crowd loves to hate on it for decades. That's simply because they don't really understand it. But when sentiment flips, it becomes a rock star.
Gold: Crisis Or Opportunity?
People…relax. It's a correction.
Silver Is Sticky Money
Many don't realize, but silver is considered to have been the first metal to serve as currency.
Gold Is The Ultimate Reserve Asset
Many sit on massive mounds of cash. And it could soon, almost literally, start burning holes in their pockets.
Short The Fed, Buy Gold
Yellen is Treasury Secretary. Powell is Fed Chair. And Sanders is head of the Senate Budget Committee. Most of the time, it's impossible to tell the future.
The Real Silver Squeeze Lies Ahead
Everyone is buying, and no one is selling the physical metal. Dealers are asking for 35% premiums…and that’s if you can get your hands on any silver at all.
EC Why The Gold Bull Will Run For Years
If we want to make intelligent forecasts and decisions about our future, we need to understand not only where we are today, but also how we got here.
The Silver Roadmap
There's no consensus on whether silver is in its second or third secular bull market since the 1970s. That's because people define bull markets in different ways.
Buy The Dip In Silver
In late November, silver was trading at $22. By January 6th, it reached $27.80, gaining an impressive 26% over just six weeks. Is this silver rally over? Not in my view.
1 to 16 of 41 Posts
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