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How Does Unemployment Affect My Taxes?
Taxes aren’t likely to be top of mind as you overcome financial hardship. However, you are required to pay income tax on unemployment income.
US Gift Tax Explained: Is Gift Money Taxable In 2021?
To avoid having to file a gift tax return and possibly even pay the gift tax, be careful that you don’t inadvertently exceed your annual gift tax exclusion in any one year.
12 Types Of Nontaxable Income
Most income earned by U.S. citizens is subject to federal and sometimes also state taxation.
Tax Deduction Vs. Tax Credit: What’s The Difference?
Many look at the new year as a fresh start. It can be a way to put the previous year behind you and focus on the future. But the new year also means that tax time is approaching. 
Retirement Savings: The Saver’s Credit Explained
Participating in retirement savings plans is not only a great way to help ensure a financially secure retirement, but it’s also an opportunity to realize tax benefits.
The Pros & Cons Of Hiring A Tax Professional
Doing your taxes can get complicated. This is especially true for high-income earners with financial complexities like business ownership, homeownership, and multiple investments.




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