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Geometric technical analysis of global financial markets
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Pattern to Profit is an independent technical investment research firm utilizing unique geometric analysis of global financial markets. Research from Pattern to Profit is largely based on Hathaway Analysis (™), comprised of the proprietary methods and techniques of Scott ... more


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Major Math In Euro Points To Bottom
Friday's price action in the EUR/USD supports the possibility of higher prices for the pair in the near future with a beautiful series of moves on the EUR/USD hourly chart.
Major Breakout In The Dow Points To A Bull Market Into Next Year’s Election Window.
Sine Wave analysis for Dow Industrials points to a continuation of long-term uptrend. Could reach eventual target up to $33,130. Next year Oct./Nov. election window is a key timing element.
S&P 500 Weekly Parabolic Structure Has Same Bullish Verification As Seen In Monthly Chart
Geometric charting analysis of SP 500 weekly verifies analysis from the monthly chart published several days ago. In each case, the analysis shows a continuation higher for the long-term uptrend.
Analysis Shows S&P 500 Could Leap To To Almost 3,500
Parabolic Curve and extension concepts applied to this SP500 monthly chart clearly identify major reversals and their relationships to the square root of an important historical low.
Dow Sine Wave Analysis
This month's low of 25,340.55 bounced on both the support from the 20/8 wave and the preceding breakthrough price of roughly 25,500.
Bitcoin Falling After Reaching Major Timing Point
Next key support levels for Bitcon with market geometry.
USD/JPY At Important Juncture
The recent decline in the USD/JPY pair has taken it to below its long-term uptrend line (starting from the 2012 lows), where it has closed below the line on a weekly basis for the past two weeks.
Time Warner Looks Ready To Continue Its Upward Trajectory
Time Warner is poised to continue its 13-week uptrend following a 17.3% correction if it holds above a rising trend line. A rally above $97.81/.97 signals a bull trend continuation. Multiple cumulative averages identify support in case of weakness.
Dow Reaches Monthly Sine Wave Resistance As Predicted In May 2016
A support wave is formed by inverting the 20/8 wave and starting on the 1/4 time point.
How Serious Is The Sell-Off In Apple And Where Might It Be Going?
Recent high should hold for at least a few months as Apple continues to correct. Watch key support levels for tradeable bounces on the way down.
Dow Jones Industrials: Fast Approaching Major Resistance Of 27,500
Dow Industrials continues its strong ascent with 27,500 next major target.
Bitcoin Bounces Right Off Key Support That May Be The End To Current Correction
Bitcoin had fallen a little over 50% below the all-time high of around $19,666 hit five weeks ago.
Knowledge Base: Simple Cumulative Average
Using a simple cumulative average, as opposed to a simple moving average, to compare the period in question with the prevailing trend or correction can help identify entry points and lows and highs in an uptrend.
Bitcoin Finds Support From Cumulative Average
Bitcoin bounces off support of its cumulative average, which should lead to a continuation of the bull trend into new high prices.
Weekly Research Report Vol. 6 : Global Markets
In this first weekly report of 2018 we look at a number of assets including commodities, equities, the U.S. dollar, Bitcoin and crude oil.
US Dollar Update: Major Bear Market Indicated
US dollar finishes 2017 with a down month in December, mostly below major geometric support.
1 to 16 of 26 Posts
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