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Patrick Watson is a compulsive trend-observer and John Mauldin’s senior economic analyst. He and John first began collaborating around 30 years ago, and he contributes research and ideas to John’s wildly popular weekly e-letter, Thoughts from the Frontline. When John ... more


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Vaccines Are Not Enough
The pandemic is killing jobs. The latest employment report showed the US lost 140,000 jobs in December. We are still down almost 10 million jobs since last winter.
Economic Herd Immunity Will Take Awhile
Right now I hear a lot of people saying life will start getting back to normal in April or May. Maybe so, but stress the word “start.” Very little will be normal by then.
Economic Pain Reliever Needed
Economically, we are letting the patient suffer while a proven-effective pain reliever sits on the table, unused.
Business On The Frontline
I once heard someone say you’ve beaten the odds if your small business is still open after five years, profitably or not. We opened a hair salon in 2002 in Lakeway, TX. We’re still in business now though, as you will see, a lot has changed recently.
The Corona Depression Is Here
The US economy officially entered recession at the end of February. But will it get even worse?
How COVID-19 Leads To 2008-Style Bank Crisis
As the old saying goes, you can’t get blood from a turnip. What happens when millions of debtors suddenly can’t make their loan payments?
Confidence Drives The Economy & Trump’s Trade War Is Killing It
The economy generally does better when business leaders see growth opportunities, and worse when they don’t.
Trump’s Trade War Is Paralyzing Business
Last week the Business Roundtable, released its quarterly CEO Economic Outlook Index. The good news is the index has been above its historic average for 10 consecutive quarters. The bad news is, it fell the last five of those quarters.
Trade War Will Trigger Inflation, Then Recession
The logic of Trump’s multi-front trade war, if there is any, is increasingly obscure. The tangled mix of policies isn’t accomplishing its stated goals and seems unlikely to ever do so. Meanwhile, it hurts the Americans it should supposedly help.
Trade War And Real War
As I’ve said, the US and China have serious disputes, though I think tariffs are the wrong tool to solve them. So I’m not optimistic a break will accomplish much. We’ll see.
This Is A Recession Indicator No One Is Talking About - And It’s Flashing Red
The yield curve isn’t the only sign recession is coming. Rising corporate misconduct says the same.
The Trade War Is Widening, Not Ending
Let’s call tariffs what they are: import taxes. Maybe then the people who oppose all other taxes will stop thinking tariffs are somehow helpful.
The Economy’s Blood Pressure Is Falling
It’s not a good sign for your health if your blood pressure drops too low. It can cause dizziness and fainting and, in severe cases, can even be life-threatening.
Technology, Tariffs, And Peak Globalization
The US-China trade war dominates the economic news, but in the long run, tariffs may be a minor detail.
Trump’s China Tariffs Not Playing In Peoria
Free trade is amazingly popular for something that doesn’t actually exist. Even Americans who can’t define free trade tell pollsters they love it.
“National Security” Auto Tariffs Are The Real Witch Hunt
President Trump likes to call the Russia investigation a “witch hunt.” Yet he also thinks your car endangers US national security. Yes, your car, the one in your garage right now. It is the enemy.
1 to 16 of 17 Posts
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