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China Sets Its Sights On Global EV Dominance
The world's largest automotive market, China, is looking to become a dominant player in the rising global electric vehicle market.
3 Oil Majors That Bet Big On Renewables
An analysis of near-term spending plans on renewables by the biggest oil and gas companies shows that real investments in renewable energy will continue to pale in comparison to capex plans for greenfield fossil fuel projects.
Saudi Arabia Eyes Total Dominance In Oil And Gas
Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz claimed last week that the Kingdom will be the world’s biggest hydrocarbon producer “even” in 2050.
Bulls Beware: A Dark Cloud Is Forming Over Oil Markets
Bullish sentiment appears to have returned to the stock markets with a vengeance.
Coronavirus And The Coming Financial Revolution
The coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest and unprecedented seismic shifts in the global economy that we've ever seen in modern history, and it's just getting started.
Uber's Green Competitor That's Taking The World By Storm
As the global economy faces $1 trillion in damages within five years because of climate change, the explosive ride-sharing business is facing heightened scrutiny as one of the transportation sector's biggest new polluters.
6 Stocks Cashing In On The $30 Trillion Impact Investing Trend
Impact investing - or socially responsible investing - is here to stay. And as 'woke' millennials continue to force the markets in line with their beliefs – the money flowing into sustainable stocks is likely to accelerate in the coming years.
The Hottest Startup Of 2020 Is Cleaning Up Your Commute
A major capital shift is coming, maybe sooner than we anticipated. Green stocks could be set to eclipse the current technology monopolies, and even the world’s top oil traders are going green.
The Most Exciting Green Startups To Watch In 2020
The Airbnb of energy, the Uber of zero-carbon transportation, the VRBO of blockchain electricity-sharing… a collection of new startups are about to revolutionize the sharing economy - and smart money is starting to pay attention.
3 Rare Metals Every Investor Must Watch At This Critical Time
Three of the most valuable metals in the world are so rare that they could become a factor in the difference between global technological dominance and military superiority on one hand, and the loss of superpower status on the other.
Oil Is Now More Volatile Than Bitcoin
You know that the oil markets have truly gone to the dogs when they are suddenly riskier than one of the world’s most volatile commodities: bitcoin.
The Metal Trump Wants More Than Gold
There are 16 metals in total that form the world's strategically critical rare-earth elements--and China controls the supply of every single one because it controls 96% of production. One of these crucial metals is Cesium.
4 Promising Oil Trends To Watch In 2020
One of the industry’s popular benchmarks, the SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration ETF (XOP) has tanked 30% over the past year.
Is This The Next Great Oil Frontier?
Emerging markets are where oil upside might be found these days but navigating them is a challenge.
How Much Crude Oil Do You Unknowingly Eat?
You may think (or hope) that in your daily life you don't need to worry about unknowingly eating or otherwise ingesting crude oil or any of its many, many petrochemical byproducts. But you would be wrong.
The Worst Is Over For Oil Markets
Some analysts see the world dodging a recession next year, which provides some upward room for oil prices.
1 to 16 of 793 Posts
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