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Nicholas Cawley is an Analyst at DailyFX, where he contributes leading news and analysis in forex and other assets.

With almost two decades of experience trading and broking a variety of fixed income products, Nick turned to reporting, using his market expertise to cover a wide range ... more


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US Dollar Weekly Outlook: In One Word - Frail
The US dollar hit lows this week as relentless selling kept forcing the value of the currency lower. The backdrop for the US dollar has been deteriorating as the Federal Reserve sends out signals that it will keep monetary policy ultra-accommodative.
Sterling (GBP) Outlook Mired By Brexit's Own Groundhog Day
Sterling continues to price-in a more than 50/50 chance of a deal being agreed and therefore is vulnerable to a no-deal outcome. Against the US dollar, Sterling currently trades around 1.3250 and is vulnerable to a sharp fall.
British Pound (GBP) Latest: Brexit Deadline, Covid Surge, Whitehall Infighting
Brexit deadlines loom and Sterling volatility may jump.
Bitcoin Jumping To A Fresh Multi-Year High On Increased Volatility
Bitcoin continues to press ever higher and is set to break back above $16,000 and potentially higher in this latest move.
DAX 30 Outlook - Running Into Resistance, Sentiment Remains Bullish
The German 30 has rallied nearly 2,000 points since printing a multi-month low of 11,331 on October 30, an advance in excess of 16% in less than two weeks.
FTSE 100 Rallying Into Overbought Territory, Client Sentiment Is Mixed
While the FTSE may be pressing ahead on positive international drivers, the UK domestic outlook remains cloudy with little progress made on Brexit trade talks.
Sterling (GBP) Weekly Outlook - Brexit Deadline Nears As UK PM Johnson Comes Under The Spotlight
The fundamental outlook for Sterling remains negative with price action pointing to the downside unless EU-UK trade talks can finally produce some positive headlines.
USD/JPY - A Fresh Eight-Month Low Ahead Of US Jobs Report As Vote Count Continues In Key States
The monthly US jobs report is released today at 13:30 GMT and is expected to show the jobs market improving but at a slow pace and from a low level.
GBP/USD Latest: Rattled By US Election Uncertainty, Final UK PMIs Disappoint
US election outcome remains unclear.
British Pound (GBP) Latest - Lockdown 2.0 Announced, Brexit Talks Continue
New national lockdown announced on coronavirus death fears.
Gold Price Forecast - The Calm Before The US Election Storm
Gold will remain under the spell of the US dollar, and safe-haven flows, and will likely see choppy trading conditions as markets gyrate between risk-on and risk-off.
EUR/USD Slumps As COVID-19 Resurgence Roils The Euro Ahead Of The ECB Rate Decision
France is considering a new one-month national lockdown if reports are to be believed, while Germany is mulling additional measures – described as ‘lockdown light’ by one newspaper - to prevent the surge of new coronavirus cases across Europe.
Sterling Weekly Forecast - Brexit Talks Continue, Is The End Game Near?
The song seemingly remains the same as EU and UK trade negotiators resume talks with little concrete evidence that a deal between the two will be struck. However, the overall tone of the new talks is a lot more positive.
USD/JPY Price Hits A One-Month Low As The US Dollar Continues To Crumble
USD/JPY heads lower as support breaks.
FTSE 100 - Latest Recovery Heading Into A Cluster Of Resistance As EU/UK Trade Talks Unfold
Away from the negative fundamental backdrop, the FTSE is struggling to push higher with its path blocked by a cluster of moving averages which continue to force the indices lower.
US Dollar (DXY) Forecast - Picking Up A Bid As Stimulus Deal Hopes Fade
The US dollar picked up a risk-averse bid this week, nudging the DXY higher. The USD picked up a boost from a weaker Euro, but was unable to break above 94.00. The greenback is likely to keep this risk-off bid as the US presidential election looms.
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