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Nelson M. Alves is a professional investor, established in Portugal. He started his career in 2007 right at the start of the biggest crisis since 1929. Until 2012 he worked in several trading desks. In 2012, Nelson A. wrote the first volume of the European Jewels research collection ... more

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Sorrento: Great Time For A Capital Raise
The company’s CEO stunned the world by claiming that Sorrento had a 100% efficient cure for COVID-19. Investors and speculators alike flocked to the company’s stock and sent the price to the moon.
Playing The Fed Stimulus With Gold Miners
The Fed’s move to placate the high-yield corporate bond market reinforced my conviction in the gold trade. Gold has performed very well. So well, that we are considering to take it to another level.
Is This A Bull Market In The Making?
The world is becoming increasingly faster, and so do markets. However, this seems to be getting a bit extreme. The market went from total euphoria in February to extreme depression in March, and now it seems ready to come back with a vengeance.
This Is A Game Changer: The Fed Is Buying Junk
One thing is for sure, the Fed under J. Powel is a very different beast.
Keep An Eye On The Corporate Credit Market During The COVID-19 Crisis
The credit market will be pivotal during the current crisis. In 2008, we had a problem in the credit market (Subprime mortgages), which made financial institutions move into credit tightening mode.
Gold Underperformance During Panics Is Not New
Gold underperformance during periods of panic is not new. If you look at the great financial crisis, you’ll see that the same happened then.
Coronavirus Might Just Turn Into A Quantitative Tightening Event
The fact that there is little visibility about mechanisms for the SMEs to cushion the crisis means that, probably, there is no concrete plan.
Thoughts On The Coronavirus, And Its Impact For Investors
The year has started full of twists and turns. We started the year on the ride of the reflation narrative from the end of 2019, but, suddenly, we hit the wall of the coronavirus.
The Mustang EV Might Be Ford’s Ultimate Multiple Decompressor
The auto companies have been suffering from multiple compression. Several factors might contribute to that phenomenon.
Kate Spade Is An Interesting Turnaround Story, But Tapestry Is Now A Sitting Duck
As the landscape of luxury retailing changes through M&A, can KATE thrive in TPR with the Coach model?
HH Tech Will Roar Back
Tech stocks have performed incredibly well during the last five years. So good, that we are likely witnessing a new tech bubble.
The Delisting Threat Might Backfire: Yuan’s On The Road To Become A Global Currency
The President’s threat to delist Chinese stocks might be a tipping point in the trade war. In the short term, it may act as desired and inflict pain to the Chinese government.
The Bubble’s Dynamics Point In One Direction: Gold
Gold is seen, by the investment community, or even by society’s common sense, as a great hedge for uncertain times. However, the reason why this happens is not entirely understood.
European Equities Seem To Offer Relative Value, But That’s A Trap
Since tech will be fundamental for indexes returns during the next decade, the absence of good companies in the field spells doom and gloom for European equity indexes.
Trump Is Playing The Stock Market, And That Ought To End In Tears
President Donald Trump is playing the stock market on the trade war. He has been dropping trade bombs on the way up and deescalating the trade tensions when things seem to get out of hand.
Baidu At A Glance
Baidu is presently going through a bearish phase, mainly due to the trade war, macro slowdown in China and the mounting competition in the Chinese internet sector.
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