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Ned W. Schmidt, CFA has decades of investment experience that include managing money ($3.5 billion), consulting, teaching finance at the college level, independent research, and investment newsletter publishing. In 2013 he published AgriMoney, the premier book on ...more

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Are Commodities Talking To Us?
Commodities have provided a higher return that financial markets thus far in 2014. Is that an important message from the market? Analysis of U.S. consumer price index suggests a strong possibility of rising U.S. inflation.
2014: Gold Stocks Winning!
2014 returns continue to be dominated by commodities. In particular, Gold Stocks, continue to be a top performing group.
2014: Agri-Commodity Prices Winning
Agri-Commodity prices since the beginning of 2014 have been rising strongly due to the long-term bull market in Agri-Commodity prices and strong short-term demand for animal proteins and grains.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts