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Big data, personal finance, and tech enthusiast. Experience working at midsize NYC startups. History of working in financial technology, digital media, and journalism.

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E NXT-ID’s Crypto Play Awaits Traction Amidst Delisting Warning
Medical technology company NXT-ID’s diversification into the cryptocurrency sector is underway.
E Why Cyber Security Stocks Look Poised For Continued Growth In 2018
The world continues its push to go digital in more areas than ever, with restaurants dropping employees for robots, self-driving cars set to take over roads and cryptocurrencies intensifying the war on cash.
E Blockchain Industry Builds On Impressive Q4, Continues To Grow
The blockchain sector, encompassing everything from business-level implementation of distributed ledger technology to cryptocurrency trading and mining, has passed the stage of fighting for legitimacy.
E An Objective Look At Bitcoin; What No One Is Giving
As global markets have been caught up in a whirlwind of activity over the past week, Bitcoin (BTC) unsurprisingly proved to be a popular topic of conversation in the midst of it all.
E Fintech Startup Robinhood Announces It Will Support Cryptocurrency Trading
Best known for its sleek smartphone app and commission-free trading, Robinhood is now breaking into the cryptocurrency game.
E A Look At The Current Cryptocurrency Market Setback
The cryptocurrency market suffered a major setback last night.
E The 4 Steps You Should Take Before Investing In A Lower-Tier Cryptocurrency
Lower-tier cryptocurrencies that currently have a market cap between $100 million and $500 million are a good place to start looking, as you can often get large quantities at an undervalued price with tons of room to grow.
E What Bitcoin’s Recent Wild Stretch Means For Other Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin primarily spiked as high as it did because developers behind a proposed upgrade to the currency called SegWit2x announced they were suspending plans.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts