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Naixian (Nancy) Zhang is responsible for building smart-beta indexes and prototypes in a leading global Fintech firm, with a wide array of indexes powering a suite of exchange-traded funds (ETF); unit investment trusts (UIT) and passive funds of more than $5 Billion assets under management ... more

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The Unthinkable Phenomena Will Be A New Norm – Negative Interest Rate
The great depression and the most recent 2008 sup-prime crisis are always referenced by economists, politicians, and officials in their policy decisions.
The Landscape Of Biotech ETFs
The challenge is to create a quality biotech index with a rule-based system, so the picking and re-balancing are handy and quick.
Players In The Future 5G Playground
Huawei Investment & Holding Co., a privately held company, had revenue last year that reached $603 billion. That's a scale comparable to Apple and other giants in the marketplace. Among Huawai's 111 customers, only one company is from the US.
Take Positions In These Three ETFs After Hurricane Harvey And Irma
The two hurricanes devastated Texas and Florida causing some companies to be impacted negatively and others positively. Investors can take advantage of this by pinpointing ETFs comprised mostly of the companies most likely to benefit.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts