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Nadia is a private investor and trader, dealing in currencies, commodities (mainly crude oil), and stocks. Using her background in technical analysis, she spends countless hours identifying market trends, major support and resistance zones, breakouts and failures. In her writing, she presents ... more


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The Many Opportunities The Fed Day Has Dealt Us
The euro has retraced its yesterday's downswing, the Japanese yen is strengthening - just as the Canadian dollar is. Swiss franc is another currency we're keeping a close eye on. But how does it translate into our trading plans?
Failed Breakouts In Crude Oil Lead To A Profitable Opportunity
Oil bulls have once again been stopped at the red resistance zone and the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement, and they invalidated small breakouts above the short-term trade channels.
The Euro Is Making Itself Heard Ahead Of Thursday’s ECB
EUR/USD is in the process of breaking below important supports, and should we see the bears closing the day below them, we'll consider opening short positions.
Let's Gain Even More On The Sliding Euro And Pound
Yesterday's EUR/USD session saw a meek attempt of the bulls to move higher that ended up pretty much going nowhere. Earlier today, we saw a similar push higher but the bulls gave up all their gains.
Profiting On The Increasing Momentum In The Currencies
It looks like the calm in the currencies is drawing to a close and volatility is about to pick up. So far, so good.
Told You So: The Bearish Momentum In Oil Accelerates
Oil price is melting down like there's no tomorrow.
Downward Reversal In Oil Is Knocking On The Door
The outlook for oil remains bearish. Oil is still trading below the previously-broken red horizontal line and has had trouble overcoming the 50% Fibonacci retracement.
The Euro Is Bidding Its Time: A Reversal At Hand?
The USD Index keeps relentlessly pushing higher. The euro has come under pressure earlier today though it's recovering.
Top 3 Currency Pairs Teeming With Profits
The euro bulls have repelled the bears' attack yesterday though the bears are again making headway. Will they be able to break through today?
The Euro Bulls Appear Really Short Of Breath
After a couple of days hesitating, the euro has made a profitable move lower.
Oil Bulls Attempt To Repair Yesterday's Damage
We have seen a pretty sharp oil reversal yesterday. The U.S. session sent oil bulls packing. Not giving up, they're attempting a comeback today.
Feeling The Pulse Reveals Brand New Opportunities In Currencies
Don't be deceived by the lack of sizable moves in the currencies. They just want to lull you to sleep as they set sail on their next moves.
Do The Oil Bulls Have Any Aces Left Up Their Sleeves?
The outlook for oil remains bearish. Monday’s reversal of the gap brought higher prices but appears to be rolling over.
Looking At Today's Corrective Upswing, Is The Oil Bottom In?
It looks like crude oil is set for a sizable weekly decline. After yesterday's plunge, the market looks to have stabilized today. But is it really so?
Is That The Oil Bulls’ Fate That’s Hanging In The Balance?
Given all the breaking oil news and data, what do the charts really reveal about oil going forward?
The Euro Is Down. But Is It Really Out?
We've seen quite decent currency moves in recent days. And the market ain't exactly sleepy today, either. Let's put these moves into the picture.
1 to 16 of 131 Posts
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