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Nadia is a private investor and trader, dealing in currencies, commodities (mainly crude oil), and stocks. Using her background in technical analysis, she spends countless hours identifying market trends, major support and resistance zones, breakouts and failures. In her writing, she presents ... more


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Top 3 Currency Pairs Teeming With Profits
The euro bulls have repelled the bears' attack yesterday though the bears are again making headway. Will they be able to break through today?
The Euro Bulls Appear Really Short Of Breath
After a couple of days hesitating, the euro has made a profitable move lower.
Oil Bulls Attempt To Repair Yesterday's Damage
We have seen a pretty sharp oil reversal yesterday. The U.S. session sent oil bulls packing. Not giving up, they're attempting a comeback today.
Feeling The Pulse Reveals Brand New Opportunities In Currencies
Don't be deceived by the lack of sizable moves in the currencies. They just want to lull you to sleep as they set sail on their next moves.
Do The Oil Bulls Have Any Aces Left Up Their Sleeves?
The outlook for oil remains bearish. Monday’s reversal of the gap brought higher prices but appears to be rolling over.
Looking At Today's Corrective Upswing, Is The Oil Bottom In?
It looks like crude oil is set for a sizable weekly decline. After yesterday's plunge, the market looks to have stabilized today. But is it really so?
Is That The Oil Bulls’ Fate That’s Hanging In The Balance?
Given all the breaking oil news and data, what do the charts really reveal about oil going forward?
The Euro Is Down. But Is It Really Out?
We've seen quite decent currency moves in recent days. And the market ain't exactly sleepy today, either. Let's put these moves into the picture.
Euro Bulls Are Attempting A Comeback
After a few days of relative calm in EUR/USD, the bulls are making a move today. How high can their staying power take them?
With The USD Rising, Has The Harvest Time Come Now?
The U.S. dollar is on the move and many currency pairs are feeling the heat. Keeping a watchful eye on the hints dropped along the way is a surefire way to gain.
Risk Aversion Rules The Day: Which Currency Pairs Stand To Benefit?
After the Fed’s surprise move, the dust is getting settled. We are seeing serious reprising across many currency pairs. Sharp movements practically anywhere you look today.
Calm And Boredom Before The Storm Tomorrow? Not In The Least!
Currency market participants look cautious before tomorrow’s big day of the Fed pronouncements. Looks reasonable but even guarded moves can give telling signs.
Crude Oil Bulls: For Whom The Bell Tolls
The oil bull still managed to score another day of gains yesterday. A meager advance but still an advance, one could say.
The Euro, The Yen, The Loonie: Really The Same Old Song?
Attempting to build on yesterday’s upside momentum, EUR/USD extended gains earlier today. The result is a climb above the resistance zone.
Can The Oil Bulls Go On Pulling A Rabbit Out Of Their Hats?
Crude oil bulls are attempting a comeback early in the week
Is The Worst Behind For Crude Oil Bears?
Combined with yesterday’s price compression and today’s hesitation (upside move has again been rejected and black gold changes hands at around $56.25 currently), this further underlines buyers’ weakness.
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