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Richard Cox is an active trader with more than two decades of experience in the financial markets.  Devotion to medium-term and long-term strategies has provided the highest levels of success in active positions. He utilizes technical and fundamental analysis of all major asset markets to ... more


Gold To Continue Bullish Charge Through Uncertain Markets
Gold prices have closed higher for six straight weeks and sustained economic uncertainties suggest this upward trend is likely to continue.
E Crypto Markets: Bitcoin Poised For Sustained Bounce
Cryptocurrency markets have shown evidence of relative strength when compared to the recent performances of most other major asset classes.
E Crypto Markets Are Showing Immunity To COVID-19
Cryptocurrency markets might be showing signs of immunity when we consider how the global economic effects of COVID-19 have impacted relative market valuations in BTC/USD.
E Crypto Markets See Strong Rebound Potential
Recent price moves in the major crypto coins suggest that prospects for a bullish rebound might be building.
E Gold’s Rally Pushes Higher
Gold markets might continue to rise on macroeconomic concerns in the coronavirus aftermath and this could put us back on track to test the 2011 highs.
E Bitcoin Establishes Significant Uptrend
Bitcoin has established a significant uptrend in recent trading sessions as the market's prior projections have been invalidated.



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