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Creating Reliable Investment Income
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Our mission is to help investors create reliable investment income regardless of market conditions.

Our method for creating income involves selling option contracts which allow investors to collect instant payments in their brokerage accounts.

When used properly, ... more

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Could Tesla Fall Another 40% To 70% Before Finding A Bottom?
Tesla Motors (TSLA​) has been one of the high-profile casualties in this volatile new year. In the first few weeks of 2016, shares have fallen from $240.01 to a current price near $150.
Is It Time For Fitbit Investors To Panic?
Fitbit Inc. (NYSE:FIT) celebrated the New Year with a brutal selloff. The stock closed 2015 at $29.59, and on Monday, shares of FIT closed at $18.85. This represents a 36.3% decline.
Pandora Media: All Risk, No Reward In 2016
At the current price around $12.40 per share, investors are betting not only that the streaming music player will grow earnings exponentially, but also that the market will pay a premium valuation even after tremendous growth has been achieved.
Alon USA Energy - This Refiner Pays A 3.9% Yield, And Could Advance More Than 45% In 2016
While U.S. refiners do face some unique challenges from this shift, the pullback should represent an attractive buying opportunity. In particular, shares of Alon USA Energy could rally /;45% over the next year.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts