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Shirley M. Mueller turned every doctor's fear - inability to invest his or her hard earned money wisely -into her greatest passion. While practicing medicine, she handled seven family investment accounts. When she retired from medicine in 1995, she worked for seven years in the investment ...more


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Financial Advisor Malfeasance: Does It Take Two To Tango?
If a consumer is immersed in an investment fraud is she guilty too? Some people think so.
The Art Market In A Muck
According to many experts, 50% of the art on the market is fake. This gives us a moment for pause. One issue is whether high-net-worth individuals ($30 million and above) are really improving their overall asset positon by including art as a small percentage of their investment portfolios.
Brain Function Links To Winning And Losing Traders
Traders in experimental markets can be winners or losers or in-between—neutral. This, we would expect. But according to a recent study, there is something more thought-provoking. Now, the category traders fall into can be linked with brain function. We are truly in the future.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts