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Technology and business consultant, who invests in globally. A do-it-yourself income investor, who is always evaluating and seeking high-return, long-term, long positions.

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E How To Invest In "Magic Mushrooms" (Psychedelics)
A look at psychedelics as stock market investment opportunities and identifying alternative strategies on how to invest.
E Canadians Should Sell Enbridge And Buy Its U.S. MLP For The High Yield
Canadian yield-oriented investors, especially retirees, should sell low-yielding Canadian securities and buy the counterpart investment - traded as a U.S. Master Limited Partnership (MLP) in the United States.
TUI - Will Sunwing's In-Air Decisions Hurt Results?
Operational concerns about how to handle incidents on Sunwing vacation flights may leak into the income statement and balance sheet
1 to 3 of 3 Posts