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Monty Pelerin is a pseudonym. The man behind the pseudonymn has a Phd is Finance and Economics, having degrees from the Duke University, the University of Chicago and Syracuse University. 

My interests are politics, economics, finance and the decline of our country and culture. ... more

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Doubts Are Rising Over The Coronavirus
Doubts are rising over the coronavirus. Clearly, there is a lot of confusion and fear. Much of that is media and government generated.
The Safety Of Gold And Gold ETFs
Gold is a hedge against government theft, i.e. inflation. Over the long history of civilization, gold has always been used for such purpose and generally performed properly. It is also used to hedge against economic or geopolitical uncertainties.
Investors Should Be Scared
Optimism based on the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates or administering more QE may provide some with comfort, but it should not.
Trump Bashing — Free Trade
A free trade agreement is a simple thing. It requires only one sentence: Goods shall pass between nations absent the effects of any penalties, subsidies or quotas.
Diversification, Momentum And Risk
High volatility and high drawdowns, can be dampened by diversification. Often this diversification is costly in terms of what it does to returns.
EC Momentum Investing — A Path To Wealth?
Momentum investing is predicated on corrections in pricing taking longer than the “instantaneous” adjustment predicted by EMT.
Stock Market Analysis
Technical analysis provides a practical means to outperform markets, at least for the present. However, any simple means to outperform markets should not be expected to last forever.
Market Returns - Simple Improvement
A market filter is something that tells an investor when he should be in the market and when he should be out. A filter adds a mechanical aspect to trading.
Portfolio Diversification Part II
One way to improve portfolio performance is to use more assets or to try to get assets that don’t correlate highly with each other.
Portfolio Diversification
Portfolio diversification deals with holding more than one asset or mutual fund in a portfolio. It generally reduces the risk and the returns.
Market Returns
Stocks generally produce higher returns than bonds. But they also produce larger losses.
The Arithmetic Of Wealth
Understanding the arithmetic of wealth is critical to acquiring wealth. It is your passport to wealth.
Investment Novices — Financial Illiteracy
Regardless of how negative your view of the future, some exposure to markets is always necessary. Success depends on proper habits and proper risk control.
HH The Permanent Portfolio
Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about investment decisions? The late Harry Browne, libertarian and investment adviser, thought so and proposed what he termed the Permanent Portfolio. His concept changed the way many looked at investing.
Trade Day Friday — September 29
For Monday’s open, the three top-ranked ETFs based on the proprietary momentum ranking system are IWM, EWG and XLB.
Trade Day Friday — September Momentum Rankings
Several weeks back the composition of the market was noted as shifting away from the US. That is reflected now in the latest rankings. I take this to mean to continue to be very cautious regarding markets in general and the US in particular.
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