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Don't Be Fooled By The Price Of Oil
After spending the first four days of the week dropping, the United States Oil ETF USO saw a bump on Friday. Traders and investors alike were losing their minds. This won't last. It can't last.
This Screaming Buy Is A Much Better Trade On Monday
If you know me, you know that I'm a big fan of Cincinnati banks. I own TFS Corporation. But there's a much more important Cincinnati bank that I need to be trading right now. That's Fifth Third Bank.
People Are About To Leave A Lot Of Money On The Table
Chances are you've heard this saying before: "Sell before May and go away." It has to do with seasonality and the historical trends of given months.  Except here's the thing; it is a complete and utter fallacy.
The Trouble Isn't Over For Banking: Here's What To Expect
Just a few days ago, Warrant Buffett made a bold proclamation. He said that, as far as bank failures go, we're not out of the woods yet.
2023 Profit Roadmap: Top Stocks To Buy (And Avoid) For The New Year
2022 was one for the books. Now we gather 7 experts to suggest ideas for a more profitable 2023.
6 IPOs In 2023 You Can’t Afford To Miss
2021 was a record year for the IPO market, fueled by the popularity of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), low-interest rates, and the U.S. government handing out billions in stimulus to millions of Americans.
Is Amazon A Short After Retail Sales Numbers?
With the Fed keeping interest rates "higher for longer," we may not see retail sales recover anytime soon. So, online retailers are not the screaming "buys" they were during the bull market, but one in particular is giving investors a hard time.
Prediction: The Worst Stocks Of 2023
Virgin Galactic is in the business of space tourism. But the stock continues to crater from its all-time highs. In 2021, shares popped above $55 per share. Today shares trade for under $5.
Jerome Powell Called It Like It Is – Here’s Why I Think That’s A Good Thing
Fed Chair Jerome Powell spoke on Friday morning to much anticipation. The markets clearly didn't like what he had to say. Yet, I'm extremely pleased with his statement because he said what actually needed to be said.
The Real Impact Of Student Loan Forgiveness
Student loan debt isn't about the money... Whether it's inflation, taxes, or especially debt, it's about "time." Because that is the actual cost of debt - time that can't be returned.
Why The “Inflation Crash” Is Not Coming
Real wage growth is coming from people who are going to work at other places. There has been a 9.7% wage increase among people leaving for new jobs.
Activist Investors Will Push This REIT Through The Roof – Now’s The Time To Buy In
Activist intervention can lead to a jump in the share price, as investors follow the activist's lead and grab hold of as much of the stock as they can. I especially take notice when activist investors get involved with real estate investment trusts.
How “The Merge” Could Send Ethereum To A Peak Of $150,000
The Ethereum network's long-awaited upgrade to how transactions are verified is finally set to happen in mid-September. This is a significant upgrade, both from a technical perspective and from an investor's standpoint.
This Historical Pattern Tells You Exactly When To Invest (Hint: It’s Not Right Now)
Right now, we're coming off one of the worst first halves of the year in market history, but to hear some investors and analysts talk, you'd think that this is one of the best long-term buying opportunities around. This is not a good thing.
The Crypto Bump Could Send This 60-Cent Trade Rocketing
While most crypto stocks have suffered recently, mining stocks, in particular, have had a rough year. Even after the recent bump, mining stocks are still deep in the red.
Why The Bitcoin Bottom May Come In August
We may not have seen the last of Bitcoin's big downward moves, but we might be close. There's a kind of "storm" brewing, but I haven't seen many folks in the crypto space talking about it. This is something I think everyone should be prepared for.
1 to 16 of 846 Posts
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