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Two Charts Show How The CPI News Increases The Danger By Underplaying It
When most of us think about inflation, we think of the prices of the things we buy regularly. The government supposedly measures that in the CPI – Consumer Price Index.
The Magic Hand Appears Again But These Charts Show It Will Cut The Cord
There is a crucial support area from 2590 to 2630 on the S&P 500. Yesterday it was stretched beyond the limit, when suddenly, out of nowhere came the Magic Hand.
Despite What Wall Street Tells You, Actual Jobs Data Gives Fed No Reason To Slow Tightening
While the media kept everyone focused on the seasonally adjusted gibberish, the unmanipulated, actual data gave us a clear view of November’s performance.
The Fed’s Bloodletting Means That You Must Follow This Strategy To Profit
The Fed started shrinking its balance sheet in October 2017. It euphemistically named the program, balance sheet “normalization”.
One Look At This Simple Indicator Reminds Us That We Still Must Be Careful
The stock market has finally begun to confirm what macro liquidity analysis has been telling us for many months. You must preserve your capital!
This Chart Shows You What To Expect As The Market Top Nears Completion
Bull market tops are long, drawn out processes, often lasting 18 months, give or take. But they are predictable. They happen when the central bank decides that enough is enough.
Here’s How The Fed’s Bloodletting Sucks The Life Out Of Bloated Asset Bubbles
The Fed is bloodletting bloated financial asset bubbles by shrinking its balance sheet. It is letting assets mature and is redeeming them, which gradually reduces the size of its balance sheet to normal levels.
The Outlook Is Bearish, But You Can Profit From The Big Swings Both Ways
You probably think that banking data is boring stuff. And it is, mostly. Except for one thing.
Homebuilding Stocks Continue To Plummet. Here’s How To Short Them
Housing is an issue for all of us – as investors, and as ordinary people in need of a roof over our heads.
Stocks And Bonds Are Finally Plummeting. Here’s How The Big Banks Are Pulling Some Strings
Demand for Treasuries at the weekly Treasury auctions has risen by slightly more than the increase in new issuance lately.
If Gold Crosses This Line, It’s “Off To The Races”
Last week, gold closed above 1215 and it has slightly extended that breakout on Monday. That’s a signal that we’re in a tradable rally, although I’d like to see it close above 1215 again this week.
Ignore Consumer Confidence Right Now, Its Record Highs Are Misleading
It’s easy to be fooled by the mainstream media, which is pumping positive headlines about Consumer Confidence.
These Numbers Could Push The Fed To Do Something Stupid
The Daily Treasury Statement data for the end of month August showed some improvement in total tax collections, including a slight uptick in withholding taxes and an even bigger increase in excise taxes.
This Foreign Market “Contagion” Is About To Go Viral
Europe has always played a huge role in the US markets. The US Treasury reported that European investors and central banks held $1.6 trillion of US Treasury securities in June.
This “Looney” Market Is Looking Over The Edge Of A Cliff… Just Before It Falls
Today we’ll look at the interplay between the Fed and the Treasury, and how that’s influencing the markets.
If You’re Not Scared Of This Real Estate Misnomer, You Should Be…
The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports both current data and lagging data. But if you look only at the old data, it may cause you to make bad real estate investment decisions.
1 to 16 of 319 Posts
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