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Michael Pento is the President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies (PPS). PPS is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm that provides money management services and research for individual and institutional clients.

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EC Peak Growth And Inflation
Disinflation and slowing growth could morph into deflation and recession next year. Such macroeconomic conditions should prove devastating for these record asset bubbles.
Get Ready For The Fourth U.S. Central Bank
We all should be aware that the current Federal Reserve of the United States is not America’s first central bank. In fact, we’ve had a few others before this current disastrous iteration came into existence in 1913.
Freedom Fatality Of The Fed
The Fed’s very mandate encompasses the unholy operation of obliterating price discovery in its paramount function of determining what money actually costs. This process should only be the purview of the free market.  
Bond Market Rocks The Richter Scale
The global sovereign bond market is fracturing, and its ramifications for asset prices cannot be overstated. Borrowing costs around this debt-disabled world are now surging.
When Will The Party End?
We will have higher taxes, much higher interest rates, and rapidly rising inflation. All this will occur at the same time the market will be worrying about front-running the Fed’s exit from record manipulation of bond and stock prices.
Interest Rate Threshold Keeps Dropping
The US budget deficit is up 60.7% in only the first three months of the budget year. The amount of annual red ink so far in fiscal 2021 was a record-breaking $572.9 billion.
Taper Nervous Breakdown
The next time the Fed reduces its bond purchase program the market reaction should be more like a nervous breakdown rather than just a tantrum.
Take The Under On 2021 GDP
Wall Street is universally bullish on the economy and stock market for 2021.
Land Mines
When the market cap of equities reaches 183% of GDP and government bonds yield near 0% or even less overseas, the notion that one can just buy and hold a balanced portfolio is extremely dangerous.
Pre-COVID Economy Wasn’t All That Great
A return to “normalcy” merely bring us back to an anemic and non-viable economy.
Evolution Of The Fed
The evolution of central bankers proves the term "wise man" should seldom be used to describe the individuals that sit on the FOMC.
Sayonara U.S.A.
The Japanese word for goodbye is Sayonara. But it doesn’t just mean goodbye, it means goodbye forever. Unfortunately, that is what our country is doing to American Capitalism.
Overvalued Stocks Head Into The Bunker
The overvaluation of stocks relative to the economy has placed them in such rarefied space that the market is subject to dramatic and sudden air pockets.
Inflation By Fiat
Since the Fed has no idea what causes inflation and how to really measure its rate, how can it then ensure a genuine inflation target—one that represents economic reality—is achieved? It cannot, it is impossible.
HH The Economy Needs More Than A Vaccine
The hype and hope being promulgated by Wall Street and D.C. is that the imminent and well-advertised approval of vaccines will bring the economy back to what they characterize as its pre-pandemic state of health.
Will Vaccines Become A Bridge To Nowhere?
This year will see the worst annual amount of fiscal hemorrhaging ever—and by a whole lot. The figure will be at least $4 trillion in total, which is $2.6 trillion more than the peak suffered under the Great Recession.
1 to 16 of 230 Posts
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