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Michael Pento is the President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies (PPS). PPS is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm that provides money management services and research for individual and institutional clients.

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The economy is so weak right now that it only took one, 25 bp rate hike to invert the 10-2 yield spread.
Fade The Post Rate Hike Rally
The recent stock market rally is a trap. This is because Wall Street is vastly underestimating how hawkish the Federal Reserve will have to get in order to fight inflation.
A Recession Unlike Any Other
The U.S. economy is already deteriorating due to the humongous fiscal and monetary cliffs.
Powell The Pivoter Cannot Now Pivot Back To A Dove
The current Fed Chair is perhaps best known for his quick pivots from hawkish back to dovish and vice versa.
EC Interest Rate Normalization Is Impossible
The simple truth is interest rate normalization would render the U.S. an insolvent nation.
The Demand Shock Of 2022
Inflation is all the rage right now. However, the turning of the calendar will bring about a fiscal and monetary cliff that should engender a significant asset price correction. This will produce a demand shock that lowers CPI and reduces GDP growth.
EC Fed To Taper Into Weakening Economy
Fed Chair Jerome Powell will soon announce the date for tapering its record-setting QE program, despite weakening jobs data.
The Great Deflation Of 2022
Inflation is all about the destruction of confidence in a fiat currency’s purchasing power.
Happy 50th Anniversary Gold
Friday the 13th of August 1971 was a very important date in U.S. history.
Fed: Murderer Of Markets And The Middle Class
The Fed’s manipulation of the money supply and its cost has served to obliterate the function of asset price discovery, just as it has also caused the middle and lower classes to reduce their standard of living.
Peak Of The Fake Bull Market
The bull market is ending because the fed is set to kill it.
How Central Banks Murdered The Markets
The Japanese Government Bond market is nearly $10 trillion in size. It is the 2nd biggest bond market in the world. However, it comes as a shock that this humongous market barely trades any longer. 
15% Nominal GDP With A 1.5% Benchmark Treasury Yield!?
The Producer Price Index for the month of May was up 6.6% year over year. This was the greatest yearly increase since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking the data.
Transitory Inflation Debate
Inflation is running white-hot right now, and the reason is clear. It is because the Treasury poured $6 trillion into the economy between March of 2020 to March of 2021.
EC Fed’s Tools Are Broken
The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has metastasized from an institution designed to assist distressed banks, to one that believes its purview now includes perpetuating asset bubbles and fighting global warming.
EC Peak Growth And Inflation
Disinflation and slowing growth could morph into deflation and recession next year. Such macroeconomic conditions should prove devastating for these record asset bubbles.
1 to 16 of 245 Posts
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