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Michael Pento is the President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies (PPS). PPS is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm that provides money management services and research for individual and institutional clients.

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Repo Man’s Valentine’s Day Present
The total market for auto loans now stands at $1.2 trillion. Some may take solace in the fact this level is much smaller than the $9 trillion home mortgage market that brought down the global economy in 2008.
Wall Street Is Chasing Ghosts
Wall Street’s absolute obsession with the soon to be announced most wonderful trade deal with China is mind-boggling. The cheerleaders that haunt mainstream financial media don’t even care what kind of deal gets done.
Powell's Rate Pause Won’t Save Stocks
Jerome Powell threw Wall Street a lifeline recently when he decided to temporarily take a pause with the Fed’s rate hiking campaign.
Has The Fed Already Gone Too Far?
It is crucial for investors to understand that the Federal Reserve has not yet turned dovish and the Fed “Put” it not yet in place.
Some Predictions For 2019
The epoch bond bubble continues to build and become a dagger over the worldwide economy and markets.
Stock Buybacks Go Bust
The perfect storm of zero percent interest rates that existed concurrently with a debt-disabled economy lured executives at major corporations into a decade-long stock buyback program.
Does Wall Street Now Have A Powell Put?
The Jerome Powell Fed faces a much different dynamic than what both Bernanke and Yellen faced.
A Trade War Truce Won’t Fix China
The Main Stream Financial Media would love to have investors believe that the recent problems in the global equity market are all about a trade war with China.
Why The Market Crash Is Just Beginning
In the vanguard of the coming market crash is China, whose make-pretend growth rate slid to 6.5% in the third quarter.
Bond Bubble Conundrum
Wall Street shills are in near perfect agreement that the bond market is not in a bubble.
Inflation Target Regrets
For the past decade central bankers have been pursuing a fatuous and dangerous inflation target of about 2%. Well, now that it has been pretty much achieved on a global basis, the cacophony of their remorse is going to be deafening.
Global Central Banks Enter The Danger Zone
Investors are experiencing huge moves in commodities, currencies, equities and in sovereign debt across the globe. And now the fall has arrived.
Lessons From Lehman 10 Years After Failing
There were many lessons learned from the collapse of Lehman Bros. and the financial crisis. Unfortunately, all of them were wrong.
Reality Check Now In Progress
The long-awaited dose of reality from the massive and unprecedented financialization of the global economy has finally begun.
Turkey Is Not Contained
Turkey represents only 1% of global GDP but is a paragon of 100% of the rest of the debt-disabled world. The currency, interest rate and economic chaos in EM will be anything but contained.t.
Anatomy Of Hyperinflation
Venezuela is currently in the throes of hyperinflation on a massive scale. The communist-led government has mismanaged its economy into a fiscal catastrophe.
1 to 16 of 175 Posts
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