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Michael Pento is the President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies (PPS). PPS is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm that provides money management services and research for individual and institutional clients.

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Will Rate Cuts Be Enough?
The mainstream financial media is absolutely ebullient about global central banks’ renewed enthusiasm to cut interest rates to a level that is even lower than they already are.
Gold: It’s All About Real Rates Not The Dollar
The Federal Reserve’s recent need to supply $100’s of billions in new credit for the overnight repo market underscores the condition of dollar scarcity in the global financial system.
Watching Paint Dry In The Repo Market - Part 2
The Fed has now begun to pave the way for a return to Quantitative Easing. The reason for this was the recent spike in borrowing rates in the Repo market.
Watching Paint Dry In The Repo Market
The world of fixed income trading has been extremely volatile lately. Rates have not only spiked in the Treasury market, but borrowing costs in money markets have also become extremely disconcerting.
More Wall Street Propaganda
One of the best examples of Wall Street’s propaganda machine at work is its willingness to dismiss recessionary signals. The inverted yield curve is a perfect example.
The Central Banks’ Time Machine Is Broken
Central banks have created an economic time machine by forcing $17 trillion worth of bond yields below zero percent, which is now 30% of the entire developed world’s supply. Here's why it has broken down.
The Central Bank Time Machine
Central bankers have reversed the clock when it comes to the time value of money. The growing mountain of negative-yielding debt has flipped time upside down; where savers lose more money as time passes.
China: From Opium Wars To Currency Wars
The civil unrest in China has also started to impact the value of its currency–the yuan broke below the important level of 7 yuan to the dollar.
What The World Doesn’t Need Now Is Lower Rates
The Q2 earnings season is upon us and the risks to the rally that started after the worst December on record at the close of last year is in serious jeopardy.
Will Fed Easing Turn Out Like ’95 Or ‘07?
The unavoidable conclusion is that the efforts from Mr. Powell will most likely not be nearly enough to thwart the market from its well-deserved day of reckoning.
Today’s Pets.com And Ninja-Loan Economy
The global economy is in the process of slowing down, and the current fixed income bubble is starting to crack. It's as if the dotcom bubble and the Ninja (no-income, no-job, no-asset) loan debacle never happened.
Baoshang Bank Could Be China’s Indybank
With the solvency issues plaguing the smaller banks and the rise in defaults, it is becoming evident that funding needs for China’s major commercial banks are becoming intractable for Beijing.
Fed Running Out Of Time And Conventional Weapons
The mainstream financial media is, for the most part, clueless and our Fed is blatantly feckless.
A Brief History Of Financial Entropy
The power that once existed within free markets has now been completely usurped by governments and central banks.
When Overvalued And Dangerous Markets Meet Stagflation
The total market cap to GDP is currently 145% of the economy. How high is 145% of GDP? It is a full 30% higher than it was before the start of the Great Recession.
Global Bond Bubble’s Ultimate Culmination
For now, the economy walks a very thin line along the cliff’s edge. Unless you believe central banks can stay at the 0 bound interest rate range forever and not cause a reduction in a currency’s purchasing power, intractable inflation is inevitable.
1 to 16 of 193 Posts
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