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My name is Michael Grogan, I am an independent trader and market researcher. I founded First Class Analytics for the purpose of providing up-to-date analysis of the financial markets. In particular, I am particularly engaged with the more quantitative elements of ... more


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Why Startups Need A Solid Data Science Strategy
If you’re a startup, then having a data science strategy in today’s world is essential. Your organization simply cannot function without it. So, how can you make sure you are capturing the maximum benefit from this technology?
I Remain Bearish On Sweden
In the past month, the iShares MSCI Sweden ETF has fallen almost 7 percent from 34.75 to 32.37.
China Eastern Has Been Climbing Swiftly – Why It Could Soar Further
This year has been a fruitful one for the airline industry, but China Eastern (CEA) has certainly been making the best of it. In the past year, the company's stock is up by almost 170 percent,
Time To Go Long AUDJPY?
The Japanese Yen has taken quite a tumbling recently due to quantitative easing and concerns of low domestic growth The AUD has been struggling to gain traction against the U.S. dollar, while ranging against other currencies such as the euro.
The AUD/JPY Seems To Provide A Good 1:3 Risk-Reward Ratio
Since mid-June the yen has been appreciating significantly against many major currencies, including the Aussie dollar. The appreciation has been spurred mainly by comments from the Bank of Japan that a selloff of JPY is overdone.
Norway's Stock Market Is Significantly Undervalued
Given that much of Norway's economy has relied on the export of energy and other natural resources, a drop in commodity prices may make Norway an attractive value proposition compared to other European markets.
Slovakia: A Powerhouse Of Economic Growth In Europe
While the effects of the ECB's quantitative easing have not been universal across all euro member states, Slovakia's financial system has benefited quite substantially.
Despite A Short-Term Dip, Prospects For The KOSPI Remain Strong
In spite of a temporary dip, I still see the KOSPI as having significant appreciation prospects ahead based on general stock undervaluation, coupled with prospects of lower interest rates and rising exports.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts