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E EOG's Rattlesnake Pad Has Record Production Results
EOG continues to set new production records in the Permian. Its Rattlesnake 4 well pad produces over 2.1 million barrels of crude on a 12-month model. The Rattlesnake provides possible upside from other operators in the area.
E Bakken Production Per Well Continues To Improve
Enhanced completions continue to improve production per foot in all US plays. These improvements have been seen in the Bakken as well. The driving season may be an opportunity to add several Bakken core players.
E Better Permian Breakevens Pressure OPEC
The Permian continues to show significant improvements in well costs. We expect this to continue, and if oil prices rise it could mean a relatively large improvement.
E Hartstreet LLC: Possible Acquisitions In The Permian Part 2
The number of operators willing to sell acreage in the Permian is decreasing. While this inherently increases the costs of acquisitions, it will also increase valuations of current acreage holders.
E Hartstreet LLC: Possible Acquisitions In The Permian
There is little acreage to acquire with value in the Permian. Some will reach and pay top dollar as NBL recently did in its acquisition of CWEI. There are some private names with significant footprints, which could be targets of CVX, XOM, and COP.
E Hartstreet Oil: Occidental Uses Less Expensive Well Design, But Current Results Are Much Better
OXY is a key player in the Permian. It is using a much better well design in New Mexico than southern Reeves. We expect that newer designs will lower breakevens without increasing well costs.
E Hartstreet Oil: FANG's New Permian Acquisition Could Be A Home Run
FANG continues to impress in the Midland core. Its recent acquisition in the Delaware is a risky one, with little development to date. This could provide significant upside, as a couple of big wells could increase acreage valuations significantly.
E Hartstreet Oil: Concho Is Killing It In The Permian
As we continue to look into the southern Delaware Basin, we find a great variability in operator results. While some names underperform, Concho is making its mark. If other operators follow in its footsteps, breakevens will head lower.
E Hartstreet Oil: Noble Paid A Big Price For Clayton Williams, And With Good Reason
Noble is just one in a string of Delaware Basin acquisitions. Although some believe it paid too much, we think valuations are heading higher in 2017.
E Hartstreet Oil: Diamondback Is One Of The Better Positioned Names For 2017
Diamondback has excellent acreage in the Midland Basin and has added some very good acreage in the Delaware. Although this article focuses on Midland well results, the upside to multiple intervals in Pecos County could be significant.
E Bakken Update: Continental's (CLR) Mega Fracs Significantly Increases Oil Production
Enhanced well designs continue to improve production per foot throughout the US. We like CLR based on its production improvements, large STACK/SCOOP footprint, and possibility of decreased North Dakota differentials with DAPL completion.
E Oil Update: OPEC And Non-OPEC Cuts Mean Higher Oil Prices
OPEC's recent cut of 1.2 million bpd was just the start. Non-OPEC producers followed with a commitment of 558,000 bpd after the meeting convened Saturday. This was the first cooperation since 2001. It should be positive for oil prices in 2017.
E Bakken Update: EOG's Well Design Continues To Outpace In The Bakken
The evaluation of EOG's sand heavy frac design continues to outperform the competition by a wide margin. Although this is very bullish for EOG, it should be seen as a bar set for the entire industry.
E Bakken Update: Pioneer's Sale Ranch Well Economics Show Very Good Returns At $50/Bbl WTI
Sale Ranch is the jewel of Pioneer's inventory. Well results have been fantastic and continue to improve.
E Bakken Update: Oil Prices Headed Higher To November 30th Meeting, $55 Target
Oil prices may head higher into the November 30th OPEC meeting in Vienna. Oil inventories in the US continue to decline, adding to this bullish stance.
E Bakken Update: OPEC, Nigeria, And Libya Are All Good Reasons For A November Oil Price Drop
The OPEC understanding may have put off a major drop in oil prices until November. Libya, Nigeria and Iran all could increase production up to that meeting, and if a deal is not done, we could retest 52-week lows.
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