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Michael A. Robinson is a 34-year Silicon Valley veteran and one of the top technology financial analysts working today. His work as a consultant, senior advisor and board member for Silicon Valley venture capital firms has placed him at the center of several major tech innovations including ... more


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When This Company Reports Earnings, We’ll Win No Matter How It Goes
Coming up next month, we’re about to have a golden opportunity to see a key aspect of my investing philosophy in action. Just because Wall Street might panic after catching a scrap of bad news doesn’t change the fundamental outlook of an investment.
The Best Time To Cash In On E-Commerce Is Still Right Now – Here’s How
Wall Street thinks that the end of the pandemic will shift focus away from online sales. They’re dead wrong, and their mistake is giving us an excellent moneymaking opportunity.
This Company Can Bring Millions Of Americans Into The Digital Age
Ubiquity recently moved into software and critical gear used for high-speed cellular communications just as lightning-fast 5G networks started taking hold.
Apple’s Latest Iphone Would Be Nothing Without This Silent Partner
Wall Street and the media have given the chip firm I have in mind lots of attention as an Apple supplier. After all, in its most recent quarterly earnings, Apple blew expectations out of the water by reporting a massive 54% increase in revenues.
Wall Street Is Wrong (Again) About This 69% Winner
Turns out Wall Street is making the same expensive mistake again, giving us the chance to do some dollar-cost averaging in. And if you're new, this week is the perfect time to start building a position.
Everyone Is Wrong Once Again About Teledoc – Here’s How We’re Turning Those Mistakes Into Our Gains
From the day shares hit a bottom on November 10 to its recent high on February 19, TDOC zoomed some 69.6%.
How To Easily Cash In On The Best IPOs
The landscape has changed so radically, with a near-constant flow of high-profile IPOs, that the central question – "What IPOs should I invest in?" – has flipped upside down.
Playboy Hits All-time High; Grab Goes Public; And A Possible New Rule For Warrants
Grab is a category leader and is projected to grow on average 40% a year through 2023. On top of that, they are also a profitable business.
New CEO, New Plans, New Profits: Don’t Miss This Semiconductor Turnaround Story
There's a lot of money to be made in Intel (INTC).
Wall Street Is Counting Out The Biggest Breakthrough In Medicine – Here’s How To Make Their Mistake Into Your Gain
When Wall Street overreacts and goes right, you can make a fortune by avoiding the noise and going in the opposite direction.
GameStop’s Rise Is Just Noise – Here’s The Best Way To Play The Gaming Surge
Wall Street and Big Media were totally obsessed with the recent saga of GameStop Corp. (GME). It’s easy to see why. Wealthy short-sellers took a run at the struggling retailer only to get their heads handed to them.
This Tech Stock Is The Key To America’s $1.9 Trillion Housing Boom
The United States' white-hot housing market is spawning some eyebrow-raising knock-on effects up and down the market.
Three Tech Stocks To Load Up On In A Nasdaq Correction
By some estimates, more than 10 million newly minted investors have come into the market, guns blazing, since the pandemic began to shut the country down a year ago.
This Play Can Capture The Growth Power Of Tech, Even In A Choppy Market
Right now, the market can be a scary place, as choppy as it is. Just look at what happened earlier this week. Since February 24, the broader market is down by more than 2.5%.
This Year’s Consumer Electronics Show Proves That Even Farming Can Give Us High Tech Profits
Last month’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) featured all sorts of cutting-edge gadgets, but this year’s award for consumer high-tech innovation ended up going to a company that makes tractors.
This One Play Can Reach Four Out Of Every Five Americans – And Tap Into A $400 Billion Market
If you’re anything like me, odds are you couldn’t live without your smartphone. 81% of Americans own one, and for many of them, it’s the first piece of technology they use each day, and the last one each night.
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