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Finally, The Stock Market Tanks
While there is long-term optimism, there are short-term concerns. A short-term correction between now and the end of Q1 2021 is possible.
Shortest Stock Correction Ever
What a day that was. What started off looking like a sea of red not seen in months ended with the Dow and S&P in the green.
The Yield Harbinger For Stocks
Indices, for the most part, closed fractionally higher to end the week. But a new headwind for stocks could be more concerning - rising bond yields.
For Stocks, Has The “Rational Bubble” Popped?
The market has mainly traded sideways this week.
Got Bond Concerns?
The market largely continued last week’s mixed moves, with the S&P and Nasdaq mildly retreating from record highs and the Dow eking out another record close.
A Sleepy Week For The Indices?
It’s about time we had a week of relative quiet in the market.
That Wasn’t Much Of A Down Day...
With Johnson and Johnson's one dose vaccine candidate seemingly days away from FDA approval, the outlook is certainly more positive at this point than many anticipated.
Will Stocks Be Brady Or Mahomes?
One week, Reddit bandits take on hedge funds and win, pumping up stocks like GameStop and AMC while the broader market sees its worst decline since October.
GameStocks - Fun While It Lasted...
Stocks don't go up forever.
Has The “Stock Market Bubble” Started To Pop?
After what happened last week with beaten-down stocks such as GameStop and AMC, there are indeed signs of a bubble forming.
Stocks Pop As “Stonks" Controversial
The S&P briefly turned negative for 2021 after seeing its worst sell-off in nearly three months on Wednesday (Jan. 27). It saw a reliable recovery Thursday (Jan. 28) and is now up roughly 2.40% for the year.
Short Squeeze Mania - Stocks Swoon
It's officially "stonk season" in the markets. The IPO market continues to baffle, and SPACs continue to pop-up like weeds in your front yard.
Emerging Markets Stocks And ETFs For 2021
There’s not a rigid definition of what an emerging market is.
The Tug Of War Continues
This market continues trudging forward and weighing good news with bad.
Stocks Decline, More May Be Coming
Corrections are healthy market behavior and could be an excellent buying opportunity for what should be a great second half of the year.
Stocks Decline - Don’t Get Caught
Overvalued stocks combined with inflation returning by mid-year is quite concerning. A correction between now and the end of Q1 2020 is likely.
1 to 16 of 21 Posts
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