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Matt Hogan is a co-founder of His expertise is in investment decision making. Prior to, Matt worked for an investment banking group providing fairness opinions in connection to stock acquisitions. He ... more


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Applied Materials Supplies Over 25% Upside
Applied Materials’ commitment to research and development and entrenched relationships with customers appears to give the company a significant competitive advantage over peers.
Dollar Tree’s Bargain Price Offers 15% Upside
Dollar Tree earns returns on invested capital in line with businesses displaying a moderate competitive advantage and management’s initiatives look to support growth.
Hostess Brands Offers Sweet 20% Upside
Hostess Brands has the ability to charge premium prices, and product innovation looks to support growth. Trading with nearly 20% upside, TWNK deserves a closer look from value investors.
Is SS&C Technologies A Buy At Its Current P/E Multiple?
SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc (Nasdaq: SSNC) trades at a P/E multiple of 39.4x, which is higher than the Information Technology sector median of 30.0x.
What Do The Dividends Of CNA Financial Corp Say About Its Intrinsic Value?
CNA Financial Corp. currently pays a dividend yield of 2.6% which is above the Financials sector median of 2.1%. The stock looks attractive but investors may change their mind when analyzing the company's future dividends.
Similar To Uber, Ebay Network Effects Offer Big Upside
Businesses that benefit from a “network effect” can differentiate themselves from peer companies and enjoy strong customer loyalty. Value investor Warren Buffett has frequently and recently targeted these types of businesses.
Dave & Buster's: It's All Fun And Games With Nearly 30% Upside
With tepid wage growth, the feared impact of Millennials, and poor results from casual-dining chains in general expect the market to take a conservative view of the group. This sets Dave & Buster's up to easily beat Wall Street's expectations.
Huntsman International: A Catalyst For 25%+ Appreciation
Timing this economy has the market on edge. With inflation nearing the Fed's 2% target, investors seemed relieved that the FOMC decided to hold off on hiking rates.
Bargain Bin: Kohl’s Rings Up Nearly 30% Upside
With almost 30% upside and a steady dividend, Kohl’s looks attractive ahead of earnings.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals: Sequencing Its Way To +30% Upside
Regeneron's stock price fall over the last 10 months is not supported by the numbers. With a broadening portfolio of drugs on the market, the company is set to prove to investors that it is not a one-trick pony.
Masonite International Opening The Door To 35% Upside
Masonite International stock looks relatively undervalued to its peers based on price multiples and EV/FCF. Wall Street analysts agree, expecting the stock to rise by 28.3%.
Molson Coors On Tap For 35% Upside
Showing over 35% upside ahead of earnings, the stock offers ample protection at recent trading levels as well as a steady dividend.
The 5 Best Big-Dividend Stocks With Upside
Escaping volatility by sidelining cash pays nothing. Instead, investors can sit in a high-yielding stock with great expectations while the market makes up its mind.
NCI Building Systems: Ready To Raise The Roof By 30%+
This year is expected to be another impressive year of growth in commercial construction.
Is Aqua America Inc. A Buy At This P/E Multiple?
Aqua America Inc. trades at a P/E multiple of 25.3x, which is higher than the Utilities sector median of 20.7x.
Oracle Corp: Tech Bounce Opportunity With 20%+ Upside
Oracle is a quality, battered company with Wall Street and quant valuation models forecasting appreciation, and negligible China exposure. Price and enterprise value multiples indicate the stock is oversold relative to its peers.
1 to 16 of 51 Posts
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