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The Truth Is Out
Trade wars continue and the stock markets are still seeing in modest declines. This does not look like a bear market but rather a modest pullback at this point.
Unintended Consequences
The funny thing about kicking the can down the road is that eventually you get down the road and catch up with it.
Code Red Situation
No stocks are not in a bear market but some of the overvalued ones are currently being punished. Apple and Google are now significantly off their all-time highs, but some have it worse.
Bitcoin's Intrinsic Value
Crypto did make some sort of recovery over the weekend but the critical levels are still holding tightly.
EC Flipping Mobius
Stocks continue to defy the politicians and are continuing to recover from the recent trade-war-driven dip.
Just Getting Started
The stock markets are doing just fine this morning despite the current trade war between the US and China, possibly due to the recent weak economic data from China.
Adoption Explosion
Always be aware of market dynamics. Especially in crypto, but in all financial markets, things can move really fast sometimes. Now is one of those times.
A Dozen Reasons For The Surge
It seems like for months people have been asking when the next bitcoin bull run will happen and now that it appears to be here, everyone wants to know why.
How Many Crypto?
Bitcoin has been making some slow but steady advances over the last few days and is now trading firmly above $6,000... on all exchanges.
Outperforming Everything
The stock markets are seeing a bit of a recovery this morning as analysts and investors continue to puzzle over Trump's tweets.
Suddenly On High Alert
In just two short tweets, the market calm has been shattered. As far as the ability to move markets on a whim, Donald J Trump has just shown everyone that he's still got it.
Crypto: The Next Generation
The Bitcoin is rising at a rapid pace and it seems that the recent crypto winter has done virtually nothing to stunt its growth.
Sell In May?
During the summer months and as the weather heats up, volatility tends to die down, so it might be a good idea to rotate your investments around this time.
Smashed Growth
The US reported its biggest growth beat since 2010; FAANG stocks smashed expectations; though NY's AG has publicly accused Bitfinex and Tether of a scandalous cover-up involving a missing $850 million, VCs are betting on crypto.
Let The Race Begin
The US stock market marked a new all-time high yesterday as the S&P 500 index flitted past September's peak.
More Bullish Than Ever
Just like that, it seems everyone is bullish on bitcoin again.
1 to 16 of 243 Posts
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