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10 Year Challenge (Market Edition)
Today kicks off the annual forum in Davos. This lavish gathering in the snowy mountains of Switzerland brings together the world's most wealthy and famous, to try and tackle the problem of inequality.
Cryptos Hollywood Disruption
As if the world of crypto isn't entertaining enough already, it looks like Hollywood is about to dramatize it even further.
Make It Or Break It
The positive sentiment has carried through the Asian session and well into European trading.
Bitcoin In Backwardation (This Is Fine)
After all the excitement, the crypto community was disappointed to hear last night that the long-awaited Constantinople upgrade has been delayed once again.
Moment Of Truth
The adoption of crypto by large scale financial institutions is taking longer than expected but is still on track. The bear market certainly caused some to hesitate but today we have confirmation that things are moving forward as planned.
Beyond Prices
If you want to get a good idea of how the crypto industry has grown throughout 2018, look no further than jobs data.
Quantum Threat
By tomorrow, this will have been the longest government shutdown in US history.
Run Bank Run
Stocks in the USA struggled to close in the green yesterday and by the end of the Asian session this morning it seems pretty clear that the monster rally we've been seeing in the markets this year is losing steam.
Digital Reserves
Stocks are in the green today. Continued progress in the US-China trade talks and a softer than expected stance from the US President regarding the southern border wall, seems to be generating an appetite for risk among global investors.
State Of Emergency
Stocks and cryptos are rallying strongly so far yet volatility is still really high.
Tesla Coin
The ability to create a digital token that represents a financial asset is just around the corner. In fact, an exchange called DX has just announced that they will be the first to deliver tokenized stocks starting next week.
Digital Diehards
Gains across most of the popular cryptoassets have been rather mild lately. While it's good to see bitcoin holding steady, we're actually starting to see a side of the market that is more typical during a bull run.
Calm Down And Enjoy The Ride
The US President's reassurances have done very little for investors this morning though, who do seem to be erring on the side of caution.
Goodbye To The Year Of Uncertainty
Financial markets remain under the weather this week. About half of Europe is closed today and the US session will close early as they get ready to drop the ball on Times Square.
Has Crypto Grown In 2018?
So it seems, the two worlds of crypto and global politics have finally collided.
Spin Copper Into Gold
What a comeback! Yesterday, the US stock market experienced what can only be described as a face-ripping rally.
1 to 16 of 176 Posts
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