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Martin O. Hutchinson is an investment banker with more than 25 years’ experience, Hutchinson has worked on both Wall Street and Fleet Street and is a leading expert on the international financial markets. At Creditanstalt-Bankverein, Hutchinson was a Senior Vice President in charge of the ... more


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Trump Will Make Japan Great Again
Japan has had a rough 30 years of no growth with soaring public debt and zero interest rates.
Time To Close Down The CDS Market
There is no legal way to make CDS legally watertight, and Wall Street lacks the expertise to manage the product’s risk exposure.
Ben Bernanke Killed The World Economy
We do not yet know whether negative real interest rates or trillion-dollar budget deficits will be more ultimately destructive of our civilization, and Keynes, not Bernanke, is responsible for the latter.
Bureaucrats Grinding The Faces Of The Poor
The OECD recently published a paper on taxation and economic development that claimed that the propensity of poor countries to tax less than rich ones is a contributor to their poverty.
Looking Forward To Dow 11,000
It has been a bad December for the stock markets, but pundits across the land are predicting a recovery in the new year from this terrible drop.
EC No, Mr. President, There Isn’t A Santa Claus
President Trump’s economic policies are mostly very sensible, yet in two areas he has indulged in wishful thinking, proclaiming essentially that Santa Claus will bail out the United States.
Central Banks Must Be Rule-Bound, Not Independent
The fashion for independence in central banking was a product of the 1980s and 1990s.
The Share Repurchase Bubble
GE was one of Wall Street’s major share buyback operators between 2015 and 2017; it repurchased $40 billion of shares at prices between $20 and $32.
Towards The Asset-Light Economy
The last two decades of low-interest rates have seen a vast increase in the world’s stock of assets, measured at market value, largely matched by a corresponding increase in debt.
Housing Bubbles Are Universally Destructive
Real house prices across the UK are now roughly double their 1990 level, (1990 being itself at the peak of a bubble) four times their 1970 level and eight times their level in the blissful days of 1938.
The Happy New World Of Tariffs
As President Trump imposes tariffs on China and elsewhere, much dark muttering is heard from the media and conventional economists about Smoot-Hawley and the 1930s.
Learning The Right Lessons From 2008
Learning the right lessons from financial crises is tough. The 1929 stock market crash was blamed for all the ills of the Great Depression that succeeded it and led to two decades of regulation and socialism.
De-FAANGing The World
The battle between Big Data and civil rights has thus begun, rather earlier than had been expected.
The Secular Stagnation Of Keynesian Economics
Some bad policies have permanent costs to all those subjected to them, and a Keynesian belief in secular stagnation, and the policies to which such a belief inevitably leads, will blight everybody’s existence until it is reversed.
China’s Coming Austrian Collapse
China will soon be faced with a massive credit crisis, as it can no longer borrow to prop up its fictitious shell of an economy.
The Corporate Governance Model Is Broken
The last three decades have supposedly made massive improvements in corporate governance. Well, whatever that is, it doesn’t seem to work in any rational fashion.
1 to 16 of 67 Posts
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