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Martin O. Hutchinson is an investment banker with more than 25 years’ experience, Hutchinson has worked on both Wall Street and Fleet Street and is a leading expert on the international financial markets. At Creditanstalt-Bankverein, Hutchinson was a Senior Vice President in charge of the ... more


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Back To The Economics Of 1792
Decades of foolish monetary policy have left real interest rates generally negative and overall returns on capital at appallingly low levels.
EC 2020s Look Like A Bear Bonanza
The deep malaise in the corporate sector will emerge into the open in the 2020s, probably via a wave of bankruptcies of major multinational corporations.
The Case For Gold Grows Ever Stronger
The intellectual case for gold, as a store of reality in an increasingly unreal world, grows stronger by the day.
How Poor Countries Can Beat De-Globalization
The outstanding winners from the 1991-2016 policies of globalization were dwellers in poor countries.
Back To A 17th Century Economic Policy
Our living standards for the past two centuries have been sustained and steadily improved by a rise in productivity, year after year.
Global Stock Markets Look Just Like Bitcoin
A new paper reports that the Bitcoin bubble of 2017-18, when the price of that cryptocurrency reached $20,000, was fueled by “funny money” creation in its sister coin Tether.
Towards A Low-Overhead 2020s
The Western world approaches the 2020s at the top of a boom, with asset prices and leverage at all-time highs and interest rates at all-time lows, yet with living standards mostly disappointing expectations.
The Blessed World Of Low Asset Prices
After a decade of ultra-low interest rates, we have become used to ultra-high asset prices – in big city real estate, stocks, bonds, tech start-ups, art and collectibles, and pretty well everything else you can think of.
Solve Funny Money Problems With A Leverage Tax
We seem doomed to another round of monetary “stimulus” from the Fed and the European Central Bank, at a time when real interest rates are already substantially negative.
The Impoverished 22nd Century
Predictions for the next century have turned downright gloomy.
What Liverpool Could Teach Today’s Fed
Both Liverpool and von Mises would be in total agreement that the monetary policy of the last 24 years has been extremely foolish, and consequently could be expected to have led to gigantic amounts of malinvestment or fictitious capital.
Corporate Debts Are Today’s Worst Assets
The silly-money policies of the last decade have left almost all assets overvalued.
Could China Take A "Middle Kingdom" Approach?
China in 1820 had on Angus Madisson’s estimate a GDP of $229 billion 1990 dollars, about 33% of the world’s total, with about 36% of the world’s total population at 380 million, it was thus poorer than average, but not much poorer.
What Will Be The Hot IPOs Of 2029?
The quality of 2029’s IPOs is unlikely to be as high as that of the burst around 1910, but we can at least hope for something better than the current cycle’s miserable showing.
Trump Will Make Japan Great Again
Japan has had a rough 30 years of no growth with soaring public debt and zero interest rates.
Time To Close Down The CDS Market
There is no legal way to make CDS legally watertight, and Wall Street lacks the expertise to manage the product’s risk exposure.
1 to 16 of 81 Posts
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