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COT Report: Gold Shorts Flee After Short Interest Jumps To Record
Speculators increased their bullish positions in the Japanese yen, the British pound, and gold. On the other hand, Swiss franc net positions fell this week after rising for seven weeks in a row.
COT Report: Gold Short Interest Jumps To Another Record
While the dollar’s continued ascent is likely to continue weighing on gold prices, decelerating inflation is a positive factor for the precious metal.
Japanese Yen Speculators Double Down On Short Position
For the fourth week in a row, speculators trimmed their net short position in the Swiss franc while adding to their short positions in the Japanese yen.
Euro Vulnerable As Slowing Growth Reveals Underlying Issues
Economic indicators point to a worsening slowdown in the Eurozone.
US Dollar Set To Rise Further As US Joins Global Slowdown
While the US dollar index surged towards 97 in mid-August, the rally has since run out of steam. The primary culprit is the continued outperformance of the US economy.
COT Report: Canadian Dollar Traders Increasingly Optimistic
In this week’s COT Report, there are several significant changes in speculator positioning across major currencies and commodities. For the second week in a row, speculators adjusted positions in the Swiss franc, Japanese yen, and the British pound.


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Saudi Power Struggle Strengthens Crude, And The USD
3 years ago

You guys have given me a great idea for a future article. Thanks! The stories are a bit too long to share as a comment, so expect something from me next week (I need to get permissions first).

In this article: UUP, OIL, XLE
Saudi Power Struggle Strengthens Crude, And The USD
4 years ago

While SAMA (Saudi central bank) claims that foreign currency transfers continue 'as usual', implementing capital controls is a real possibility. Usually, central banks will only consider publicly announcing capital controls as a final step given the effect they have on confidence. In practice, they are likely to make outbound transfers much more difficult by enacting additional paperwork or purposelessly slowing down the process (similar to China). Having moved from Hong Kong to Switzerland earlier this year, I've heard quite a few interesting stories about getting money out of China!

In this article: UUP, OIL, XLE
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