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MarketPunks is a global macro advisory committed to delivering compelling ideas and insights across traditional and emerging asset classes. Coverage includes currencies, commodities, equities, cryptocurrencies and sports. 


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Oil Position Pushes Into The Money
How markets stack up against the US Dollar and how to trade oil?
What You Didn't Know About QE
How markets stacked up in Q1?
Markets: Bought Oil
A discussion about a strategy for trading stocks and financial markets update.
Coronavirus Sucks, But Volatility Is Good
We had a slow start of the week today. This month is ending, the quarter as well.
Lockdown Blues Overshadow Stimulus Efforts
How is the US Dollar performing and what's the investors' mood?
Long GBP, Long Bitcoin
US stimulus pushed through. The US Dollar is selling-off.
Why The US Dollar Is Selling-Off
The US Dollar is reversing course. Here are a few technical warnings backed up with fundamentals.
Pound Punishes, Pound Rewards
Here is a recap of last week's wild trading.
Fighting Back
Here are a few post-bloodbath thoughts about trading.
Portfolio Hit Hard
The US Dollar is rocketing. Investors don't care about a stimulus. Bitcoin is going through a stress test.
Will The Dollar Keep On Truckin?
Global stimulus efforts are not enough.
Why Are Gold And Bitcoin Struggling?
A discussion about what the Fed did and why are investors not loving it. What is happening with gold and Bitcoin?
Making Sense Of Bitcoin And Gold Declines
Here are a few thoughts on the madness in markets. What's scary about the ECB decision?
March Madness
Today investors are underwhelmed. There is a higher risk of inflation.
Will The Recovery Hold Up?
Why stocks and the USD are all recovering?
Turmoil Gives Us 8% Profit
Today's market looks extraordinarily bleak, and it’s possible that we will see a further breakdown.
1 to 16 of 69 Posts
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