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Hershey And Twitter – Why We Give These Stocks A “Buy”
As Wall Street says, buy on the rumor sell on the news. And TWTR at $36/share is a steal in our book. Investors can easily hold for a 25-50% pop assuming positive news is released on the company.
Markets Somewhat Confused, Wondering Where To Go At The Moment…
Oil sits comfortably above the critical $50/barrel level at the moment coming in at $51.67/barrel down today on the session -.047 cents or -.090%. S&P futures currently are flat after finishing yesterday up +13.66 to close off the day at 2,080.62.
Markets Are Shaken Up As Fear Grows, Dow Futures Lower By 124 Points
The S&P and Nasdaq fell lower as well marking some of the worst days yet. Not surprising after the highs we’ve recently been tagging. Swings get bigger, ay mate?
Calling For Major Gains In The Pot Stocks
A reclassification of Marijuana from Schedule I drugs could be a major catalyst sending all of these Pot Stocks into dollars.
Thursday, March 5th, 2015 Market Futures
Looking in on this morning’s levels we see the DOW is currently pointing to a higher open indicating up +5.00 points as of 05:47 A.M., EST. The S&P is showing higher as well, up +0.80 points. And the NASDAQ is indicating higher, better by +3.00 points.
US Follows Asia’s Lead Into The Red, Points To Lower Open Wednesday, March 4th, 2015
This week has certainly been historic so far as the Dow reached levels significantly higher than it’s previous all-time high. As of this morning, however, the Dow is pointing to a lower open, indicating down -60 points.
Markets Indicating Slightly Lower Opening Following Historic Day
The DOW is showing a lower open this morning indicating down -7 points as of 05:50 A.M, EST. The S&P is showing lower by -1.30 points and the NASDAQ indicating lower as well by -1 point.
Markets Ready To Run March 2, 2015
In Asia, the Nikkei 225 booked a nice day up some +28.94 points to end the session at 18,826.88. The Hang Seng also chalked up some nice work adding +64.15 points to its cause ending at 24,887.44.
Markets Steady As Trades Await GDP And Consumer Sentiment
Today marks the official last trading day for February of 2015. Next week we will enter the final month of the 1st quarter of 2015 trading.
Rich Pharmaceuticals Inc., Initiates Its Climb, Looks To Grab Back Gains
The stock appears to have bottomed out at .0014 in yesterday’s session, traders believe.
RCHA Sells Off On Massive Volume In Yesterday’s Session
Rich Pharmaceuticals Inc. sold off on massive volume of about 189M shares traded in yesterday’s session down over -32% to finish the day at .0019.
SMM Watching: Penny Stock Hemp Inc.
HEMP marks 10-day average volume of 8.0M shares per session and also has a 22-day volume average of 8.42M shares per session. Last session, HEMP flipped 9.66M shares.
US Stock Futures Drag As Economy Waits On Jam Packed Data Day
The Marijuana Sector continues to heat up and Cannabis and Hemp Stocks begin making their moves.
US Futures Frozen As The Nikkei Soared
As of 05:43 A.M., EST, the DOW futures were at even, unchanged. The S&P points lower by -1.10 points and the NASDAQ futures indicate a higher open by 2 points.
Indices Slow Off Holiday As Markets Suffer Lovers Lag
The DOW is resting at 18019.35 after closing up +46 points after Friday’s session.
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