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Mark Vickery has been with since late 1999, and has served in many capacities over that length of time. He started out in sales but soon became a liaison between online services and the company's IT department. Following this, he performed duties as product manager, then became an ... more

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A Time To Reflect On The Juneteenth Holiday
With the markets taking the day off in celebration of the new Juneteenth holiday, we have a chance to reflect on the stock market.
Earnings Beats And After-Market Surges: FB, QCOM, PINS And PYPL
Qualcomm beat expectations on both top and bottom lines in its fiscal Q2 report.
Markets Melt Down On Interest Rate Worries; SNAP Mixed In Q1
The interest rate on the 10-year bond traded at 3 1/2 year highs for most of the day, north of 2.9%.
Growth Valuation Getting Squeezed
The headlines across news sources all week have been the ratcheting tensions on the border of Ukraine, which President Biden said he “feels” will bring about a Russian invasion in the next few days. But there are other factors in play here, as well.
Heavy Selling: Indexes Toward Correction Levels
We’re no longer looking at a “dartboard market,” where hitting a ticker on the S&P arbitrarily would yield double or triple-digit returns; currently market participants must choose widely to ensure solid returns.
Has The Sell-Off Run Out Of Steam?
For nearly the entire trading day today, that narrative held. The Nasdaq reduced by another -2.7% at its session low, while the Dow hived off 600 points at its intra-day nadir.
Markets Stay Red: Time For A Little Xmas Shopping?
We’re not looking at the recent sell-off to mean very much — except, perhaps, as a good time to go shopping. If a preferred company in a strong industry with a good Zacks Rank has sold off 10% or more, it may be worth it to take another look.
LULU, RH Beat Earnings; GME Drops On Bottom-Line Miss
The Russell lags the other major indexes, +15.6% so far in 2021, the Dow is +16% on the year, the Nasdaq +20.4% and the S&P 500 benchmark is +22% year to date.
Why "Goldilocks" Was Not An Epic Novel
Our recent Goldilocks scenario in the market: reliably strong growth, but not too hot, were our narrative for most of the past few months.
The Era Of Eye-Popping Comps
We’re now seeing some of the gaudiest one-year comps in generations, especially in industries hardest-hit by “shelter in place” initiatives. The comeback seems near-fully priced into current valuations.
Quiet Before The Q4 Earnings Storm
There’s going to be a torrent of activity and information this week, the busiest of Q4 Earnings Season so far, but this morning we’re fairly quiet.
Q4 Earnings Come To Regional Banks: ALLY, HBAN & More
Back to the grind of Q4 earnings season this morning, with next week set to ramp-up even stronger with the total amount of companies and marquee names reporting for Q4.
Nvidia (NVDA) Hurdles Lower Bar, CBS Misses 1st Time In Years
Nvidia shares have rocketed up 9% upon the release, as Q1 guidance was higher than analysts were expecting.
Cisco (CSCO) Beats (Like Always), Ups Guidance; Plus MGM
Cisco has not missed bottom-line expectations since we recalibrated results for technology firms in calendar Q4 of 2015.
Retail Sales: Stronger In The U.S., Weaker In China
A week and a half before Christmas Day, we remain in the heart of holiday shopping season. This points directly to the business of retailers, and new Retail Sales numbers came in Friday morning.
Apple Beats But Sells Off; Plus SBUX, CBS And More
Starbux in particular impressed investors, and shares are up strongly in late trading. Caesars surprised, and CBS survived Moonves' departure.
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