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Mark Vickery has been with since late 1999, and has served in many capacities over that length of time. He started out in sales but soon became a liaison between online services and the company's IT department. Following this, he performed duties as product manager, then became an ... more

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Nvidia (NVDA) Hurdles Lower Bar, CBS Misses 1st Time In Years
Nvidia shares have rocketed up 9% upon the release, as Q1 guidance was higher than analysts were expecting.
Cisco (CSCO) Beats (Like Always), Ups Guidance; Plus MGM
Cisco has not missed bottom-line expectations since we recalibrated results for technology firms in calendar Q4 of 2015.
Retail Sales: Stronger In The U.S., Weaker In China
A week and a half before Christmas Day, we remain in the heart of holiday shopping season. This points directly to the business of retailers, and new Retail Sales numbers came in Friday morning.
Apple Beats But Sells Off; Plus SBUX, CBS And More
Starbux in particular impressed investors, and shares are up strongly in late trading. Caesars surprised, and CBS survived Moonves' departure.
PayPal, AmEx Outperform On Q3 Earnings
AmEx EPS zoomed past estimates; guidance is up 9-10% even with provisional losses increasing year over year.
Oracle, FedEx Report Strong Fiscal Q4 Earnings
Keeping in mind we're coming off a regular trading day rife with worry over a possible trade war brewing between China and the U.S., which may have some impact on stock price results even after earnings results are released.
Rise And Shine To A New Year Of Trading
After witnessing roughly 20% gains or more in 2017’s major indexes, the natural question for investors is: what’s next?
Will Tax Cuts Keep Us At 3% GDP?
Equipment and spending have already begun to add to GDP, and a gigantic corporate cash windfall from slashed tax rates next year may well add even more.
Looking Ahead To Jobs Data
Today, we saw a fresh read on the October Trade Balance, which sank to a deficit of -$48.7 billion, notably below the previous month’s -$44.9 billion. This is the deepest hole we’ve seen since January of this year.
If Tax Bill Fails, How Far Over Our Skis Are We?
Even without corporate tax reform, companies are still making more money than ever before, and, of course, their stock valuations prove it.
OK, So Trees Don't Grow All The Way To The Sky
Tempting fate — it never fails to disappoint. After I proclaimed nothing could get in the way of this latest leg of a bullish trading wave, things did.
How Likely Is GOP Tax Reform, Near-Term?
The mood on Capitol Hill has gotten palpable: the first major U.S. tax reform bill in 31 years might be mere weeks away.
Bear-Market Fears Emerging?
As the Fed plans to unravel its monstrous $4.5 trillion on the books, the era of “cheap money” is now apparently on the wane. At the same time, we continue onward through a nearly unprecedented stock market rally over the past 8 3/4 years.
Hurricanes, Earthquakes And Record-High Markets
We continue to see record highs in the markets clearly investors see little in the way of continued growth across most industries.
Uber's Kalanick Out As CEO
It had been widely reported that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick would take a leave of absence in the wake of harassment allegations and a series of recommendations in a report from former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.
Ahead Of Thursday, Markets Look Hesitant
The S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq all show futures marginally in the green this morning. It’s been a down week for trading overall, but this follows all-time highs from late last week, so some profit-taking is to be expected.
1 to 16 of 75 Posts
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